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Cheap Aluminum Oxide Powder Manufacturers Chile

As we all know, because the resin solution has good permeability and can penetrate into the micro pores of the abrasive, the adhesion of the abrasive to the binder is increased(aluminum oxide grit). It is suitable for the exterior wall coating of various outdoor building objects, and the treatment of various tail gas(green silicon carbide powder). During the refining process, the furnace core body temperature rises to 2600 ~ 2700 ℃ when the electric furnace supplies power.

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Moreover, due to the addition of metal oxide in the resin liquid(aluminum oxide abrasive), the heat dissipation of the abrasive particles in the abrasive tool is increased, which is conducive to the improvement of the abrasive efficiency, It is a special compound which has both inorganic and organic properties by chemical reaction between silicon and organic gene(carborundum abrasives). Therefore, the composition of each batch of materials added into the furnace must conform to the batch ratio.(cheap aluminum oxide powder manufacturers chile)

The ratio of each batch of materials is calculated according to the chemical reaction principle of ferrosilicon smelting and the composition of raw materials, and combined with the actual situation(steel grid). It is an important operating condition for the normal reaction in the furnace to mix the burden evenly. Some of the other layers mentioned above are different in nature and appearance; the coating of various non-ferrous metal objects(silicon carbide grit), others are naturally bonded into layers.

It makes full use of green silicon carbide powder's anti friction, anti-corrosion (can resist all kinds of strong acid(brown fused alumina), alkali and other high-strength chemical corrosives), high-temperature resistance (can resist high-temperature up to 2000 ° C without melting), strong thermal shock resistance (resistant to high-temperature above 2000 ° C) All kinds of high strength heat storm(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), thermal shock crack), high stability and excellent fire and fire resistance performance.

(cheap aluminum oxide powder manufacturers chile)The proportion of binder, sintering agent and additive are 12% - 16%, 6% - 8% and 2% - 4%, respectively(brown aluminum oxide). The charge is loaded in the intermittent resistance furnace. Both ends of the resistance furnace are end walls, and there are graphite electrodes near the center. The furnace core body is connected between the two electrodes(100 grit aluminum oxide). The furnace core is surrounded by the charge to participate in the reaction, and the outside is insulation material.

The electric heat is transferred to the charge through the surface of the furnace core, which is heated gradually(brown aluminium oxide). When the temperature is above 1450 ℃, the chemical reaction will take place to form silicon carbide and carbon monoxide will escape. By adjusting the relationship between power and time(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), the most favorable outage time is selected to obtain the best utilization rate of electric heating(can resist all kinds of strong friction).

With the passage of time, the high temperature range of burden is expanding, and more and more silicon carbide is formed. It forms continuously in the furnace, evaporates, moves, crystallizes and grows up, forming a cylindrical crystallization cylinder. Because of the high temperature on the inner wall of the crystallizing cylinder(120 grit aluminum oxide), the part above 2600 ℃ begins to decompose, and the durability of the abrasive tool is improved.(cheap aluminum oxide powder manufacturers chile)

The decomposed silicon combines with the carbon in the charge to form a new silicon carbide(silicon carbide companies). In the early stage of furnace self power transmission, the main part of electric heating is used to heat furnace charge, while the heat used to form silicon carbide is only a small part(1200 grit aluminum oxide). In the middle period of power transmission, the heat used to form SiC accounts for a large proportion. In the later stage of power transmission, heat loss is the main part.

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