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Stretching can increase the orientation of polymer macromolecules, thereby increasing the strength of the tow(arc fused alumina). Dry spinning can also be cold drawn, but it must be planted low and allow the displacement of macromolecular chains. The evaporated solvent should be recovered(aluminium oxide polishing powder). There are two differences between dry spinning and melt spinning: First, the preparation method of the spinning solution is different. 

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The speed of the winding roller affects the speed of the godet roller and the tension of the tow(brown fused alumina). Applying a small tension is beneficial to the winding and shaping of the tow. A filter must be installed upstream of the spinneret, otherwise the impurity particles and glue blocks in the polymer may block the spinneret holes(black synthetic corundum), or mix in the filaments to cause discontinuity of the fiber structure, resulting in breakage during use.

(cheap aluminum oxide powder producers spain)"Thread memory" is caused by the rotation of the screw of the screw extruder, which causes the twisted orientation of the long-chain molecular polymer(brown aluminum oxide). In view of this problem, the concentration of polymer in the solvent does not exceed Yuanyu, and the concentration depends on the viscosity characteristics of the polymer-solvent system (such as inorganic acid(fused alumina), alkali metal salt), wet spinning should be used.

Viscosity is essential for the uniform solution flow from the spinneret(brown aluminium oxide). It should be pointed out that during melt spinning, the volume of the silk is almost unchanged during the blowing and solidification process: while in the dry spinning process, the volume of the silk is at least reduced during the solvent evaporation process(black alumina), and the volume shrinkage is not conducive to the control of the cross-sectional shape of the silk.

Dry spinning is to dissolve the polymer in a volatile solvent to make the spinning solution, while melt spinning is to polymerize The material is heated into a melt to prepare a spinning solution(silicon carbide price). The second is that the curing method is different. Dry spinning is solidified by evaporation of the solvent in the jetted silk liquid(black oxide aluminum). When the solvent in the polymer is very volatile and cannot evaporate quickly.(cheap aluminum oxide powder producers spain)

First, the polymer is dissolved in a low-volatility solvent to prepare a spinning solution(green carborundum), and then the spinning solution is squeezed into the coagulation bath by a metering pump (the coagulation bath is another solvent). The coagulation bath solvent used depends on the polarity of the polymer solvent(pink fused alumina). When the polymer solvent is soluble in water, a water-based solvent should be used as the coagulation bath.

(cheap aluminum oxide powder producers spain)The used coagulation bath solvent should be recycled: if it is discharged, it should be treated in advance to avoid environmental pollution(silicon carbide companies). In the coagulation process of wet spinning, the shrinkage of the silk is very large. First, it solidifies from the outermost layer of the melt wire and gradually expands to the inside(glass beads supplier): as the inner volume of the wire decreases, ripples or wrinkles are formed on the surface of the wire.

First, dissolve the polymer in a volatile solvent to make a spinning dope (solution state). Although it is difficult to control the solidification process(black aluminium oxide), it can produce silk with complex structure, which is very characteristic. High melting point polymer is not easy to dissolve, so it needs to be dissolved in strong polar solvent(alumina polishing powder). This helps reduce the unevenness of melt temperature and viscosity, and eliminate "thread memory". 

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