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Cheap Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Media Poland

The thickness of the glue layer is controlled by adjusting the aluminium oxide abrasive grit gap between the glue roller and the chest roller. According to the production experience, the amount of adhesive used should be 1 / 2 of the average particle size to ensure the depth of the synthetic corundum price embedded in the adhesive layer. The resin binder needs to form cross-linking between molecules under the condition of high humidity to achieve curing.

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This data is often used to calculate the amount of glue used. The drying and curing process of the black alumina adhesive is the formation process of the adhesive film, that is, the abrasive particles are fixed on the substrate. They all volatilize faster than water. The viscosity is small, the solvent volatilizes quickly; the thickness of the adhesive layer, electric drying, the diffusion of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit solvent molecules is slow. Phenolic varnish and alkyd varnish belong to oxidation polymerization type.(cheap aluminum oxide sandblasting media poland)

The brown fused alumina drying of this kind of adhesive is mainly realized by the volatilization of the solvent. The concentration of the adhesive gradually increases from flowing to non flowing and solidified into a film. Rubber does not play a chemical role. Such adhesives are mainly animal glue, polyvinyl acetate emulsion, nitrocellulose varnish, etc. the surface is fast and the solvent is easy to volatilize. The solvents are ethanol, acetone, toluene, xylene and so on, and the aluminum oxide blasting abrasive adhesive layer is cured.

(cheap aluminum oxide sandblasting media poland)The bonding strength of the belt joint is good, the flexibility is appropriate, and the brown aluminum oxide heat resistance is good. The belt joint has special equipment - belt indenter. There are three types of belt joints: tracing joint, butt joint (oblique butt joint, S-shaped butt joint) and inlay joint. The speed of solvent volatilization is related to the external temperature and humidity, far infrared drying, microwave drying, as well as the viscosity of the binder and the thickness of the artificial corundum adhesive layer.

The thickness of brown aluminium oxide adhesive layer is expressed in grams per square meter area (g / m2). In the production of water-resistant sandpaper, after the solvent volatilizes, the surface does not form film, and the surface has no strength. To form a hard paint film, it mainly depends on the oxidation polymerization of film-forming polymer. A certain amount of 200 solvent gasoline and turpentine are often added to the binder to improve the aluminium oxide blasting grit drying speed and effect.(cheap aluminum oxide sandblasting media poland)

The molecular structure of the resin in the drying polymerized binder contains a large number of high purity fused aluminum oxide active groups such as hydroxyl, carboxyl and active hydrogen, which has a strong reaction ability. Under the condition of high temperature, the cross-linking reaction takes place and the binder solidifies. The curing agent must be added to cure the epoxy resin adhesive. The curing agent molecule and the adhesive polymer cross-linked to form a fused aluminum oxide network structure.

(cheap aluminum oxide sandblasting media poland)Curing agents of epoxy resin adhesives include amines and aluminum oxide for sand blaster anhydrides. Amine curing agent can cure at room temperature, with simple process and few side effects. The curing agent of anhydrides needs to be heated and cured. After curing, the epoxy resin has higher mechanical strength, better heat resistance and wear resistance. The working methods of adhesive are steam drying, the adhesive of varnish and enamel used in the aluminium oxide blasting drying process, flue gas drying, etc.

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