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Cheap Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Media Suppliers

The electric arc furnace is used for white fused alumina because the corundum produced from bauxite must be carried out at a very high temperature. The electric arc furnace is a thermoelectric device that is easy to generate high temperature and is relatively simple and economical. Today, three-phase electric arc furnaces are used for aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh abrasives.

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The electric arc furnace is composed of electrical equipment and white aluminum oxide 120 grit mechanical equipment. Electric furnace electric equipment includes power distribution device, electric furnace transformer and secondary short network. There are mainly high-voltage insulators, switches, power failure protection devices, and signals and measuring instruments. Because aluminum ash contains alumina, it can be used instead of bauxite for the preparation of black silicon carbide factory

(cheap aluminum oxide sandblasting media suppliers)Electric furnace transformer is the main electrical equipment of electric furnace. Its role is to convert the high-voltage electricity delivered by the white aluminum oxide power plant into low-voltage, high-current form of output power, power supply furnace use. In order to meet the needs of smelting, it is also required that the transformer can be regulated according to the black synthetic corundum process requirements. Three electrodes are arranged along three vertices of an equilateral triangle. 

Transformer selection brown fused alumina grit principles: load-bearing (on-load) voltage regulation and reasonable shape structure are conducive to shortening the length of the short network and reducing connections; less loss itself; convenient and economical operation management; large overload capacity; operation, light weight, and small size . Short net refers to the aluminium oxide 36 grit general term for various conductors between the low-voltage side outgoing end of the transformer and the electrode.(cheap aluminum oxide sandblasting media suppliers)

The super-large current output by the electric furnace transformer is sent to the furnace through the short network, white corundum which generates an arc, transforms electrical energy into heat energy, and melts the furnace charge. In order to save power, the short-grid layout should be closely coordinated with the design of the furnace transformer and the corundum sand furnace body to avoid "weak phase" and "strong phase" power transfer caused by uneven mutual inductance and reduce productivity.

(cheap aluminum oxide sandblasting media suppliers)What we are talking about today is electric equipment for electric furnaces. In order to reduce the inductive reactance and black silicon carbide suppliers ensure the three-phase balance, the electric furnace transformer with a larger capacity has six or more heads, and the short-grid arrangement adopts the same phase reciprocating staggered arrangement. In order to reduce the black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit skin effect at the end of the short mesh bus bar, it is necessary to increase the peripheral length as much as possible, and the ratio of height to thickness is preferably 20: 1.

There are related papers and patent publications in the prior art, but because it contains impurities, especially brown aluminum oxide blast media and iron oxide, it needs to use a large amount of Iron and carbon particles to remove these two impurities, resulting in a higher content of carbon, silicon, and iron in the final produced aluminum oxide sandblasting media, and a lower content of alumina, which in turn results in a product with higher strength, hardness, and wear resistance. difference.(cheap aluminum oxide sandblasting media suppliers)

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