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A gas chromatography is an instrument that can isolate a complex gas mixture and convert the composition change into an electric signal or a pneumatic signal(brown aluminium oxide), or some other data-chromatogram curve (chromatogram). In addition to the above methods for analyzing multi-component gas mixtures in production, the separation method has also been applied in practice(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit).

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Chromatograph can isolate gas mixture based on the principle that the components have different moving speeds in the adsorbent layer(white fused alumina oxide mfg). The main components of the device used in the chromatographic method are the fixed gas phase separation cylinder(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). The following conditions will affect the temperature measurement accuracy of the resistance thermometer, and can automatically compensate for the cold Temperature.

The urgent problem is the automation of the interpretation process of the chromatographic curve(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). The concentration of various components is the main indicator of the quality of these solutions and their suitability for specific processes. The Soviet industrial sector produced a variety of potentiometers, including automatic recording, indicating, adjustable and signal(brown fused alumina for grinding). Both the first and second methods have large errors.

The temperature can be checked and adjusted with a potentiometer(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). The Soviet Union and other countries attach great importance to this. The conductor is placed in a container containing the gas mixture to be analyzed and heated with electricity. The chromatographic analysis method has developed to the present stage(brown aluminum oxide blast media). changes in the temperature of the surrounding medium, on the grinding wheel or on the workpiece.

In order to eliminate the influence of temperature on the resistance of the millivoltmeter(brown fused alumina), a manganese copper resistor or a semiconductor thermal resistance with a negative temperature coefficient can be connected in series with its coil. When the thermal objects are controlled centrally(white aluminum oxide 120 grit), the thermocouple is used as the sensor to measure the temperature, and the device that determines the separated gas—the detector.

This is not only because of the high accuracy of the potentiometer itself(white aluminum oxide 220 grit), but also because there is no current in the external circuit when measuring the temperature using the compensation method, the resistance change of the thermocouple and the connecting wire will not affect the potentiometer's indication, and the automatic potentiometer can be used to obtain high measurement accuracy(brown fused alumina grit), the active gas phase source.

Incorrect installation of the thermometer(brown aluminum oxide), inaccurate external circuit resistance coordination, and the measurement current will cause the thermal element to heat up and the thermistor to age to change its resistance. Special attention must also be paid to some of the unique measurement characteristics of the abrasives industry(black silicon carbide suppliers), such as the need to measure temperature under high pressure and ultra-high pressure.

At this time, the thermocouple can be installed in two ways: In practical applications, for the sake of simplicity, the method of mounting on the workpiece is mostly adopted(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). When the feed rate is 4 / min and the thermocouple size is 0.1 mm (a small size thermocouple is used to reduce inertia), the pulse time is about 1.5 ms(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). Similar thermal pulses can be recorded using magnetoelectric oscilloscopes (eg H102, H105).

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