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It is generally believed that, according to calculation, in order to dissolve 1% aluminum oxide, the temperature of the electrolyte will drop by 14 ℃ (if all the heat required is provided by the electrolyte), about half of this heat is provided for heating, and the other half is provided for the heat required for dissolution(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers malaysia). And Beryaev's research pointed out that many additives will prolong the dissolution time of aluminum oxide.

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The particle size of aluminum oxide used in industry is generally 40 ~ 50m(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers malaysia). There is always a part of finer frequency particles, which should be less than 10% to reduce the flying loss during feeding(brown corundum). Aluminum oxide has flour like and sand like. See the introduction for the properties of oxidation button. For example, the time required for larger pre pulling (about 3nm aggregate) is 13.4 seconds. The test temperature is 1035°C(aluminium oxide blasting media). Air stirring and mechanical stirring are used.

Modern pre melting electrolysis phase requires sand like alumina, because its solubility and other properties are more in line with the requirements of modern aluminum oxide electrolysis production(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). In the process of slow falling, on the one hand, the aluminum oxide absorbs heat, making its temperature reach the temperature of electrolyte, on the other hand, it gradually dissolves(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers malaysia). The dissolution process of aluminum oxide is a strong endothermic process.

For many years, many scholars have done this work(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers malaysia). This refers to the granular aluminum oxide(white fused alumina price). When it is added into the melt and stirred strongly, these dispersed particles dissolve quickly, and 1% aluminum oxide is added to each batch. The dissolution of the oxide was observed by visual observation for less than 10 seconds(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Tbonstad et al. Estimated the heat transfer effect of dissolution according to the heat and mass transfer coefficients in the literature.

After the aluminum oxide reaches the electrolyte temperature, the dissolution process is controlled by mass transfer rather than heat transfer(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers malaysia). Since then, the low molecular ratio electrolyte has been used up to now, but the melting temperature of most electrolytes is still not lower than 920 ℃(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). For the sake of convenience, the following is divided into two aspects: the dissolution of fine dispersed aluminum oxide and the dissolution of aggregated aluminum oxide.

The results are in good agreement with the experimental data, indicating that once PbO is dispersed in the melt, it can dissolve quickly(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers malaysia). In addition to particle size, the following properties are also very important, namely, purity content, bulk density, fluidity, HF adsorption capacity, shell formation capacity, etc. The dissolution time is increased by L5 times(aluminum oxide blast media). When cryolite contains 7% CaO2, the dissolution time of aluminum oxide increases twice.

The temperature T of the interface is only 0.5 ~ 2 ℃, and the dissolution time of individual aluminum oxide particles is estimated to be 41 seconds (particle size 50um) and 164 seconds (particle size 100ym)(brown fused alumina manufacturers). In a given time, the amount of oxidation dissolved in the electrolyte is not only related to the temperature, but also related to the retention time in the electrolyte, that is, related to the sedimentation rate of aluminum oxide in the electrolyte(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers malaysia).

The aluminum oxide added with electrolyte has three main directions, namely, dissolving, forming shell and furnace side, sinking to the bottom of essence and forming precipitation(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers malaysia). When using mechanical stirring, when the aluminum oxide particles are 0.07Smm, the dissolution speed is also accelerated. It has been found to form on the shell surface of aluminum oxide(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). In short, the presence of additives will reduce the dissolution rate of aluminum oxide.

When air is used to agitate the melt, the aluminum oxide particles range from 0.85mm to 0.063mm, and the dissolution speed is increased by 145 times(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers malaysia). Increasing the temperature of the melt can speed up the dissolution of aluminum oxide(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). He used a simulated sedimentation test to replace the molten electrolyte with a zinc oxide aqueous solution with the same density as the melted cryolite to simulate the sedimentation of aluminum oxide(how to choose white fused alumina).

Alumina is difficult to dissolve in the cryolite melt, because most of it is formed into larger lumps instead of woven and dispersed particles(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). Belyaev (Beyac, Al) P studied the influence of several factors on the dissolution of oxidation in cryolite melt: the sedimentation rate of alumina in the electrolyte(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers malaysia). In addition, the shape is more irregular, with many small gaps that are difficult to dry into by the molten electrolyte, and air is stored in the gaps.

The melt temperature is increased by 70°C from 1010°C to 1080°C, and the dissolution rate of lead oxide is increased by 7 times(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers malaysia). The typical physical properties of industrial sandy aluminum oxide are shown in the table(vietnam aluminum oxide). As we all know, when lead hydroxide is burned at around 900℃, it is mainly formed when it is burned at 1300℃(aluminum oxide supplier). If there is chloride in the above, it will become a catalyst and can be transformed at a lower temperature.

Two kinds of aluminum oxide were used in the test, one is 100% -A4O prepared in the laboratory, and the other is industrial aluminum oxide (flour-like)(aluminum oxide blast media canada). Therefore, under industrial conditions, oxidation is more conducive to dissolution after preheating(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers malaysia). Studies have pointed out that the dissolution is worse than rAL2O3, about 1/3 slower than the latter, and industrial lead oxide contains 20% to 75% of the aluminum oxide dissolution rate in the middle.

The picture shows the influence of different additives on the dissolution rate(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers malaysia). The temperature of the experiment is 1025℃(white fused alumina suppliers). In the early days, the physicochemical properties of molten salt, especially density, viscosity and conductivity, as sensitive properties of the melt structure, were used to indirectly infer the structure of the salt(alumina black). With the advancement of science and technology, new theories and research tools have been developed. .

Because the specific gravity of the electrolyte is larger than that of the electrolyte, the settling speed of the electrolyte is faster than that of the electrolyte(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers malaysia). The above test shows that when cryolite melts contain different additives, as these additives increase, the dissolution time of aluminum oxide increases, especially when the molecular ratio decreases, the aluminum oxide dissolution time increases, for example, the molecular ratio decreases from 3 to 3. 2.5(wholesale brown fused alumina).

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