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Austenite begins to nucleate and grow outside the symbiotic zone, which leads to the molten liquid entering the symbiotic zone, and it is possible for austenite and graphite to grow together(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers puerto rico). It can be seen that primary austenite will appear in the solidification structure of eutectic, hypoeutectic and hypereutectic Fe-C alloys. 

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The total diffusion amount of carbon atoms is greater than the mass of carbon atoms produced by cementite decomposition at the same time, and the diffusion rate of carbon atoms is not the controlling factor of graphite growth(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers puerto rico). The isolated single cluster eutectic clusters finally contact each other, so that the eutectic clusters fill the whole solidification structure of cast iron(aluminum oxide abrasive media). Therefore, it can provide nucleation matrix for the second phase (austenite). 

It is believed that the leading phase formed by eutectic clusters is pre eutectic austenite(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The precipitation of austenite increases the carbon concentration of the surrounding melt, resulting in the nucleation and growth of graphite on its surface(alumina grit). For example, the increase of the number of common clusters will increase the shrinkage cavity volume and shrinkage porosity tendency of castings(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers puerto rico).

However, many studies and experiments have confirmed that graphite is the starting point of eutectic growth of cast iron(240 grit aluminum oxide). After the point nucleation of graphite in hypereutectic alloy, primary graphite begins to form, the melt temperature decreases towards the point along the liquidus, and the composition also changes due to the precipitation of graphite(steel grid). Moreover, with this concentration condition, it is not necessary to form eutectic(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers puerto rico).

Therefore, there is a transition interface (rough interface) with a thickness of several atomic layers on the growth front of graphite, which is easy to accept atoms added from all directions(corundum sand). Graphite crystallization is started when the carbon atoms in the surrounding melt gather to the graphite crystallization core area. In this way, graphite is the leading phase, and graphite and austenite grow synergistically into the melt(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers puerto rico).

The existence of primary austenite structure and the growth temperature range of austenite may partially coincide with the eutectic transformation temperature range, which will have a certain impact on the growth process of eutectic structure and the microstructure of the alloy(garnet sand). There is a great difference in the mass fraction of carbon and iron between graphite and austenite(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers puerto rico). 

Therefore, near the existing primary phase in the melt, especially between the growing dendrites, the graphite crystal core is most likely to form and grow into graphite crystals(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media), because the dendrite growth will continuously disperse the carbon atoms in the surrounding liquid phase, increasing the carbon concentration in the surrounding liquid phase, providing a material basis for graphite nucleation and growth(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers puerto rico). 

The first thing to be discussed is how to form a common cast iron group(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). Therefore, once the graphite nucleates and begins to grow, the melt around the graphite will become a carbon poor area, which creates conditions for the precipitation of austenite with carbon content much lower than that of graphite(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers puerto rico). During the solidification process of Chen iron, the eutectic structure composed of austenite and graphite is called eutectic group(fine grit aluminum oxide).

There is phosphorus eutectic structure on its boundary, and its size and internal microstructure have a very obvious influence on the properties of cast iron(aluminium oxide blasting grit). For those who study, produce and apply cast iron, it is necessary to understand the formation of common product group and its role in cast iron. More importantly, two eutectic phases with different compositions and crystal structures can be closely and firmly connected at the interface between them(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers puerto rico).

We know that the atomic spacing on the close packed hexagonal lattice base plane (0001) of graphite is 0.246nm, and the iron atomic spacing on the close packed crystal plane (111) in the face centered cubic lattice of austenite is 0.252mm, which is much lower than the difference of atomic spacing that can form a good match(black silicon carbide). However, the number of eutectic clusters has some influence on the casting properties of cast iron(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers puerto rico). 

Generally(aluminum oxide grit blasting), when the concentration in the molten liquid around graphite meets the requirements for the formation of austenitic crystals, the iron atoms on the (111) surface of austenite can nucleate and grow with the (0001) surface of graphite crystal as the nucleation matrix, and the two phases are connected with each other on the basis of lattice matching at the interface(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers puerto rico). 

On the side in contact with the graphite crystal, the discharged atoms are diffused to the graphite crystal to thicken the crystal(green silicon carbide). In addition, carbon atoms are deposited on the surface of austenite crystal, and most of them diffuse near the front of solidification interface through liquid phase to supply the graphite crystal continuously extending forward in front of the interface with the required atoms(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers puerto rico). 

For a long time, in the process of eutectic growth, the growth direction of graphite crystals leading into the liquid phase was not fixed(aluminium oxide sand). It always makes some convex parts on the growing crystal unstable due to the change of component supercooling, temperature gradient and heat flow direction at the solidification front, resulting in graphite branching(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers puerto rico). The primary austenite in the melt will also block the growing graphite.

When the graphite crystal grows into contact with the austenite dendrite, it will bend and bifurcate, changing the direction of the crystal(aluminum oxide blasting grit). Due to the branching, bending and bifurcation of graphite crystals in the growth process, the curved and irregular flake graphite appears in the eutectic of gray cast iron(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers puerto rico). The branched graphite is filled with eutectic austenite(150 grit aluminum oxide). Figure shows the etched eutectic of gray cast iron.

Each complex contains only one graphite crystalline core. With the decrease of temperature, the eutectic grows continuously, the eutectic field expands continuously, and the volume fraction of molten liquid decreases gradually(cheap aluminum oxide suppliers puerto rico). The more eutectic clusters, the more possible leakage channels(aluminium oxide blast media). Therefore, for iron castings with anti leakage requirements, the number of eutectic clusters should not be increased excessively.

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