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Cheap Artificial Corundum Manufacturers Malaysia

It is in a high-speed rotating state when in use. Need to bear a large impact force, so there are higher requirements for the brown fused alumina strength, impact resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance of the grinding wheel; the grinding wheel is mainly made of aluminum oxide grit abrasives and binders by compacting, drying, and baking, There are various types of abrasives.

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It mainly performs rough grinding, semi-fine grinding, fine grinding, grooving and cutting on the silicon carbide abrasive surface of metal or non-metal workpieces. The most common ones are brown corundum, silicon carbide, silicon carbide, and cubic boron nitride. These synthetic corundum abrasives have good hardness and certain toughness, and their strength, impact resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance all depend on the bonding agent.(cheap artificial corundum manufacturers malaysia)

The brown aluminum oxide common bonding agents are resin bonding agents, ceramic bonding agents, rubber bonding agents, and metal bonding agents. In practical applications, a suitable bonding agent should be selected according to the conditions of use of the workpiece of the grinding wheel to enhance Abrasive bonding firm strength, improve the strength of the emery abrasive tools, improve the grinding performance, and give the wheel good performance.

green silicon carbide grinding wheel, the production process is as follows: clay powder, talc powder, mica powder, lanthanum oxide, yttrium oxide, vermiculite, black manganese ore are mixed, heated to 1450-1480 ° C and stirred for 10-12min, and then naturally cooled to room temperature, After ball milling to 200-300 mesh powder, add auxiliary agent, stir well and set aside; add other remaining materials to the aluminium oxide abrasive grit material obtained in step (1), and mix thoroughly before use;(cheap artificial corundum manufacturers malaysia)

The molding conditions are: the mold set temperature is 280-300 ° C, and the black silicon carbide pressure is maintained for 3-4 minutes under the condition of 35-40MPa, and the embryo is obtained from the mold. The embryo is sintered. The embryo body is first heated to 650-680 ° C within 15-20min, and fused aluminum oxide kept warm for 4-5 hours, and then heated to 1420-1450 ° C at 10-15 ° C / min, taken out after 10-12 hours of heat preservation, and obtained after natural cooling.

(cheap artificial corundum manufacturers malaysia)The advantages of the white corundum grinding wheel are: the ceramic binder made of raw materials such as clay powder, talc powder, mica powder, lanthanum oxide, yttrium oxide, vermiculite, black manganese ore, etc., contains a variety of rare earth elements, which can effectively reduce the sintering temperature. Reduce production energy consumption, the prepared binder has stable chemical properties, both strength and toughness, and strong holding strength with black synthetic corundum abrasives.

Grinding wheel is the most widely used tool in aluminum oxide abrasive tools. Each bonding agent has different characteristics. The obtained mixture is sent to a mold for compression molding. The brown corundum grinding wheel prepared by the invention has good hardness and grinding performance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance Folded, more durable than traditional aluminium oxide blasting grit grinding wheels.(cheap artificial corundum manufacturers malaysia)

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