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The fine combination dose of 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media particle size is more, and it is not easy to mix, so the dry mixing method is often used; the coarse combination dose is less, and it is easy to mix, and the wet mixing method is often used. From the ball mill to the blade mixer, belt transportation can be used to transport materials, so as to brown fused alumina manufacturer realize linkage production or automatic operation. 

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Dry mixing method (suitable for F180 with 100 grit aluminum oxide media fine and grinding ball grinding wheel) pay attention to the following points when dry mixing: dextrin powder and colorant, which should be mixed with the binder and added together. The screen used for sieving shall be NO.3-4 larger than the low density white alumina. The molding material of the ball grinding wheel has fine grain size, hot water as the wetting agent, and the water temperature is not lower than 80 ℃. 

Pore forming agent (such as fine prohibition) shall be added after the white fused alumina material is evenly mixed: mixing time shall be determined according to equipment performance, capacity and abrasive particle size. Wet method (suitable for F150 with coarse abrasive) wet mixing should pay attention to the following points: binder (such as paste powder), white fused alumina manufacturer more combined dosage, colorant and other powder materials should be mixed with the binder first.

The 1200 grit aluminum oxide particle size is coarse and the mixing time is short. The mixing time of fine particles is long. The short mixing time and the uneven distribution of binder on the surface of abrasive grains lead to the uneven hardness of abrasive tools and the uneven penetration of wetting agent on white fused alumina suppliers grains and binder, which leads to the poor performance of molding materials, and easy to cause the formation of slab layer and crack.

The pore forming agent shall be added after the materials are mixed. The dry mixing of white aluminum oxide and binders is carried out in the ball mill, and the mixture passes 80 * sieve. The mixed material shall be screened and loosened to make the material loose and eliminate the brown fused aluminium oxide material block produced in the mixture. The mixed molding materials shall be inspected, a layer of dry material is formed on the surface, and the unqualified materials shall be remedied. 

Generally, the mixing time is short after adding wetting agent and long after adding binder. If the screen is too thick, the 46 grit aluminum oxide purpose of sieving and remixing cannot be achieved. After mixing, the molding material should be properly stuffy, which is conducive to the infiltration and diffusion of water and uniform distribution. When the white fused alumina price material is stuffy, the surface is covered with plastic cloth to reduce water evaporation and keep the material moist.

In the white corundum process of dry mixing, the mixer with strong shear mixing effect, such as wheel mill and double axial blade mixer, should be used. After the molding material is placed for a certain time, which must be mixed evenly. The inspection items of molding materials generally include: dry humidity, formability, looseness, uniformity, inclusions and large particles. In the brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers process of pressing, with the increase of pressure, the loose powder forms the blank rapidly.

During the preparation and storage of the aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit binder, it may absorb moisture and agglomerate and mix with sundries. It shall be screened (70 * screen) when it is added to the mixer. When the structure of the billet changes, the porosity decreases, the particles close together and the billet is compacted. Therefore, the 100 grit aluminum oxide white strength of the powder increases linearly with the pressure formed by itself, and the compressive strength is greater than the tensile strength.

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