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Cheap Black Alumina Manufacturers In China

The UCLA researchers brown aluminum oxide nanoparticles into magnesium and zinc alloy solutions to form a metal nanocomposite, which has the characteristics of "light weight, strong", strong "ductility" and super "stability" at high temperature. Magnesium is now the lightest structural metal, and UCLA researchers have made silicon carbide abrasive stronger while retaining its "light weight" properties.

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Researchers say they have developed a mass white alumina production process that will lay the foundation for lighter and stronger cars, airplanes, medical devices and electronic devices. The technological breakthrough brought by the research team can help people to produce lighter and stronger cars, and solve the problem of battery pack weight of electric vehicles. In recent years, the electronic industry has also made great progress, and the market aluminum oxide abrasive for jewelry processing is also increasing.

(cheap black alumina manufacturers in china)brown fused alumina is a kind of super hard metal material, which has been used in automobile clutch and carbon ceramic brake. Nanoparticles have also been injected into metal solutions before, but they condense. The UCLA team's "breakthrough" is to fully integrate silicon carbide nanoparticles into metal magnesium and use high-pressure torsion to compress the metal to make it stronger. In terms of weight ratio, 14% of the composite is green silicon carbide and 86% is magnesium.

In addition, the research team said that magnesium is one of the most abundant elements on the earth, they have developed a large-scale pink aluminum oxide production process, and now the problem is price. Through analysis and comparison. Finally, the reasonable and feasible technological process of brown corundum sand is determined when the processing capacity of brown corundum sand is 5 ~ 101 / h. The best process configuration was found out.(cheap black alumina manufacturers in china)

It lays a foundation for the design and application of pelletizing engineering. aluminum oxide grit, white corundum, silicon carbide and other refractories are developing in the direction of green, environmental protection, high quality and low consumption. To develop green economy, we need to find two entry points, with two extensions. The first extension is to carry out ecological transformation of the original economic system, black silicon carbide which is a large industry.

(cheap black alumina manufacturers in china)A small half of China's brown fused alumina price industries are relatively new, and more than half of them are still traditional. We should transform this tradition, so we should develop new production processes, reduce or replace the use of toxic and harmful substances, purify and treat pollutants, etc., black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media which are of economic benefit to the transformation of traditional industries, and we can change the gray economy into the green economy.

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