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There are three genetic types of bauxite deposits. The first is the weathered residual bauxite, brown fused alumina which is mainly produced in the areas with warm and humid climate, ancient or modern laterite weathering crust development, and formed by the weathering of igneous rock with high synthetic corundum content. The thickness of bauxite is not large, sometimes it can reach 10m or more, but its distribution area is very wide. 

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The brown aluminum oxide deposit can be divided into the following zones from top to bottom: iron bearing zone, red and yellow iron bearing claystone or shale, in which sand shale is often deposited, sometimes coal measures are deposited. This zone often disappears due to denudation. The enrichment zone is porous, loose or dense laterite, in which Al2O3 content is about 50%. The parent rock is usually decomposed into kaolin. The aluminum oxide grit boundaries of the above zones are often not obvious, and they are transitional.

(cheap black alumina wholesale suppliers usa)The ore bed is covered on the parent rock in the form of mantle. The white corundum bauxite is trihydrate type, and the ore-forming age is mostly Quaternary and tertiary. The ore is yellow or red, massive, nodular with oolitic, pisiform or gelatinous structure, and often with parent rock residual structure. In Paleozoic deposits, bauxite is of three water type and one water type, aluminum oxide abrasive while in Mesozoic and Cenozoic deposits, bauxite is usually of three water type.

These brown fused aluminum oxide deposits are located in Deccan Plateau of India, Guyana, Brazil of South America, Arkansas of the United States, Zhangpu and Jinmen island of Fujian Province of China. The second type is marine sedimentary bauxite. This kind of bauxite is related to littoral and lagoon deposits, and occurs in the bottom layer of black silicon carbide limestone which is superposed on the older carbonate layer, that is, in the sedimentary discontinuity of carbonate layer.(cheap black alumina wholesale suppliers usa)

Ore bodies are usually bedded, with stable thickness and composition along the white aluminium oxide strike. The thickness can reach 25m, and the extension can reach several kilometers. The mineral composition of bauxite is simple, which is composed of diaspore or diaspore and contains iron minerals, usually with oolitic structure and pisolitic structure. This type of green silicon carbide deposit has a large scale, with reserves ranging from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of tons.

(cheap black alumina wholesale suppliers usa)Mediterranean countries and Germany, Yugoslavia, Hungary and other countries have such pink corundum deposits. The third type is continental sedimentary bauxite. This kind of bauxite occurs on the ancient basement rocks in lenticular and stratoid form. The formation of bauxite is related to the deposition of continental limnetic facies, and the silicon carbide abrasive quality of bauxite varies greatly. The thickness and extension of the ore bed are also small, but relatively gentle.

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