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By reducing the Mn content [where w(Mn)=6%~9%](80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), the stability of manganese steel austenite is reduced, coal and other mechanical equipment for a long time, precipitation hardening, and the work hardening ability under medium and low stress conditions is improved(pink fused alumina). For ultra-high manganese steel (or high Manganese steel) undergoes artificial aging treatment after solid solution to promote the improvement of wear resistance.

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Working under medium and low stress conditions(pink aluminum oxide), the work hardening ability of medium manganese steel is obviously better than that of free manganese steel, but the toughness of medium manganese steel is much lower than that of high manganese steel. In the early 1990s, ultra-high manganese steels such as ZGMnl8Cr2Ti and ZGMnl8Cr2Mo appeared(silicon carbide 180 grit), among which ZGMn18Cr2 has a wider application range.(cheap black aluminium oxide grains factory mexico)

Ultra-high manganese steel can increase the solubility of alloying elements in austenite and increase the degree of alloying of austenite by increasing the Mn content in the high-manganese steel(black aluminum oxide), and then through modification treatment, dispersion hardening and other measures(white aluminum oxide powder). The addition of alloy elements further optimized the properties of medium manganese steel and broadened the application range of medium manganese steel.

(cheap black aluminium oxide grains factory mexico)In addition to the detailed introduction of manganese steel(white aluminium oxide), this chapter also introduces multi-element low-alloy wear-resistant copper, medium-chromium alloy all-attached grinding steel, high-chromium alloy wear-resistant steel and high-alloy heat-resistant wear-resistant steel. High manganese steel includes Mnl3, Mnl7 and Mn25 series with higher hammer content(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). Among them, Mnl3 series is the oldest and most widely used high manganese steel.

In order to improve the distribution of carbides in high manganese steel to increase wear resistance(white fused alumina), making it suitable for excavation and crushing of warm materials, a small amount of high manganese steel containing Mo is also put into production. high manganese steel as a wear-resistant material(garnet abrasive price), its wear resistance is unmatched by other materials in terms of resisting abrasive wear or back-cutting wear under strong impact and high pressure.(cheap black aluminium oxide grains factory mexico)

Under the action of large impact load or contact stress(white aluminum oxide), the surface layer of high manganese steel rapidly produces work hardening, and high-density dislocations and deformation rate products are successively formed, thereby producing a highly wear-resistant surface layer, and the inner austenite Still maintains good toughness(steel shot abrasive). In the 1980s, alloying elements such as Cr, Ti, Nb, RE, etc. appeared one after another in medium manganese steel.

(cheap black aluminium oxide grains factory mexico)There are two biggest characteristics of high manganese steel: one is that the greater the external impact load(white corundum), the higher the wear resistance of its own surface layer, and the other is that with the wear of the surface hardened layer, a new work hardened layer is continuously formed under the action of external load, it can further Improve the toughness and wear resistance of the steel(glass bead abrasive), so it is not suitable to work under high stress conditions.

These special properties of high manganese steel have made it widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, railways, electric power(brown fused aluminum oxide), such as crusher hammers, tooth plates, white wall rolling, wall excavator bucket teeth, ball mill village Plates, railway switches, etc(glass beads manufacturers). The carbides can be dispersed on the austenite matrix in fine granular form, which increases the wear resistance of these steels under grinding conditions.

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