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Cheap Black Aluminium Oxide Suppliers Peru

There are two forms of carbon to be considered in the production of brown fused alumina. Activated carbon and carbon inclusions. Activated carbon is the carbon source used to reduce bauxite to brown corundum. The amount of carbon source used to reduce bauxite by activated carbon should be calculated so that brown corundum has ideal chemical composition.

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The amount of carbon added is calculated as follows: Based on the brown aluminum oxide theoretical value of the amount of carbon required for reduction of bauxite, plus the amount of carbon added - within 10% of the increase in coke, the maximum increase in coal is 25%. black silicon carbide powder is made of high-quality bauxite by high-temperature purification, impurity removal, crystallization, separation, crushing, magnetic separation, screening and other processes.

(cheap black aluminium oxide suppliers peru)The purpose of this increment of carbon is to compensate for furnace loss. Improper mixing of brown aluminium oxide raw materials or improper operation in front of the furnace may lead to over reduction or under reduction of bauxite, under reduction will lead to high silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide, over reduction will lead to reduction of titanium oxide to a lower state, and reduction of aluminum oxide abrasive to aluminum carbide (Al4C3).

According to the chemical composition and technical conditions of brown fused aluminum oxide, the production of brown corundum under over reduction or under reduction conditions should be avoided. At high temperature, aluminum carbide can be decomposed into aluminum hydroxide and biogas (methane). Application of aluminum oxide grit powder: ceramic resin abrasives, sandblasting, grinding and polishing.(cheap black aluminium oxide suppliers peru)

It has a long history to use the fixed furnace to smelt white aluminium oxide. Although the materials beyond the technical conditions can meet the technical conditions of chemical composition after being mixed with good materials, they cannot be accepted for special end use. In the smelting process, over reduction may cause the formation of corundum white carbide, which is converted into alumina and CO2 in the oxidation atmosphere. 

(cheap black aluminium oxide suppliers peru)The main chemical components of pink aluminum oxide powder are: Al2O3 395% - 97.5%, SiO2 < 1%, TiO2 21.5-3.9%, Fe2O3 < 0.25%, Cao < 0.25%, crystal form: α - Al2O3 cubic crystal. According to the data, China exported 4335t of natural corundum to Japan in 2006, accounting for 32% of Japan's annual imports, less than India (8562t), far higher than other aluminium oxide abrasive grit countries.

silicon carbide abrasive powder is widely used in the glass shell grinding of color TV industry, as well as the production of sandpaper, sandcloth, modules, high-quality refractories, etc. It is widely used in anti-skid and wear-resistant raceways, high-temperature resistant substrate coating and high-grade refractory materials for industrial furnaces such as metallurgy and black synthetic corundum chemical industry.(cheap black aluminium oxide suppliers peru)

Why is this? It can be said that before the emergence of the pouring furnace green silicon carbide, the production of various abrasives, the grinding and polishing treatment of workpieces, etc. were mostly brown corundum produced by the fixed furnace. Now, through customer feedback, it is found that the use rate of the fixed furnace fused aluminum oxide in the field of refractories and the production of abrasives It's decreasing.

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