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Cheap Black Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Wholesale

The conveying equipment for raw materials of white aluminium oxide electric furnace mainly includes belt conveyor, bucket elevator and pneumatic conveying equipment. Belt conveyor is a kind of continuous conveying machinery with strong adaptability and wide application. It can not only transport aluminum oxide grit powder like iron scraps, but also transport bulk materials like bauxite and corundum.

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It can not only transport horizontally, but also incline (generally no more than 180) upward or downward Conveying. The pink corundum conveying distance can be long or short, and the operation is convenient, the maintenance is easy, the noise is low, the unit power consumption is small.The disadvantage is that the dust flying is large when transporting fine synthetic corundum materials. The belt conveyor uses cotton belt, belt, plastic belt and wire braided belt.(cheap black aluminum oxide blast media wholesale)

The silicon carbide abrasive bucket elevator is installed on the flexible traction components such as chain or belt, and the steel bucket is installed at a certain interval, and the materials are placed in the bucket to enhance the transportation. The transportation mode can be vertical or inclined. The emery abrasive advantages of the utility model are small occupation of land, compact layout of conveying system, large lifting height, good sealing performance, etc

(cheap black aluminum oxide blast media wholesale)Some sulfides will sublimate or change further under smelting conditions. The belt conveyor is used to transport brown fused alumina raw materials. The disadvantages are high sensitivity of overload, easy damage of bucket and traction mechanism, and large dust at the exit. Aluminum sulfide has four functions in the smelting process of aluminium oxide abrasive grit. During dry dedusting and dry dedusting, the moisture content in the dust is less than 12%. 

The first is to reduce the melting point of the melt and extend the green silicon carbide crystallization temperature range of corundum, so that the corundum crystal develops well. Second, the melting point of the melt is much lower than the crystallization temperature of corundum, so the thermal stress of the crystal is reduced. Third, due to the existence of aluminium oxide blasting grit sulfide, there are more single crystals in the crystallization process.(cheap black aluminum oxide blast media wholesale)

The fourth is the erosion of brown aluminum oxide sulfide, which makes the shape of corundum tend to be equal volume. The existence of the aggregate indicates that the crystal of the single crystal corundum is a natural crystal, not bred from the molten aluminum sulfide. In corundum smelting, there will be large amount of smoke and dust. The size of smoke exhaust site depends on the aluminum oxide abrasive media capacity of electric furnace, smelting process, etc.

(cheap black aluminum oxide blast media wholesale)the composition and temperature of smoke are different in different black silicon carbide smelting stages, mainly Co, C021, etc. sulfur gases such as s02hs will also be produced in the production of single corundum. The main method of removing smoke in corundum electric furnace is smoke hood method, that is to say, a large smoke hood is set above the aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit furnace body. The hood is mainly composed of furnace hood, chimney, furnace cover, etc.

The upper cover of the furnace is a double-layer structure welded with 6-8mm brown fused aluminum oxide steel plates. The middle interlayer can be provided with cooling water and air outlet to prevent explosion accident caused by expansion of superheated water vapor. The side wall of the furnace cover is welded with steel plates and lined with fire-resistant bricks. According to the 1200 grit aluminum oxide dedusting method, the dust cleaning device can be divided into wet type and dry type.(cheap black aluminum oxide blast media wholesale)

The aluminum oxide abrasive principle of warm dedusting is to wash the dust with water, so that the dust will be removed with water deposition. Such equipment includes venturi scrubber, wet electrostatic precipitator, etc. Such equipment includes cyclone bag filter and dry electrostatic precipitator. Generally, small and medium-sized electric furnaces can use cyclone, bag filter or venturi scrubber, aluminium oxide grit suppliers while large furnaces use electrostatic precipitator.

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