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Cheap Black Aluminum Oxide Media Manufacturers Malaysia

The key to the quality of black synthetic corundum lies in the quality of its original minerals. Generally, the good original minerals are mainly spherical small particles with very small size, high impact resistance and bright surface. So when we buy brown corundum, we can judge the quality of the brown corundum from the shape, color and size. In fact, we can also put the brown corundum into the colored liquid for coloring. 

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After the fused aluminum oxide is covered with color, we can find the color aggregation in the cracks of the brown corundum under the magnifying glass. Although the surface has attached the pigment on it, there is no obvious change, because the pigment does not really enter the interior of the brown corundum. So why can brown aluminium oxide replace quartz sand? Another advantage of brown corundum is that it also has a protective effect on the environment, and it won't do any harm to our body.

(cheap black aluminum oxide media manufacturers malaysia)Take the ink-jet industry as an example, artificial corundum abrasives can be used in the production of ink-jet. Under strong pressure, the unique sharp edges and corners of brown corundum impact the surface of the object to achieve the effect of product surface treatment. brown fused aluminum oxide has the advantages of high hardness, corrosion resistance, good toughness, and small dust produced during inkjet treatment.

In the early stage, the slag, quartz sand and other products used in the factory were inkjet treated. First, the white fused alumina hardness was not up to the standard. After the inkjet treatment, because the abrasive crushing rate was too high, the factory dust was large, which affected the physical and mental health of the workers and damaged the surrounding production and living environment. Therefore, it is the general trend to replace quartz sand with white aluminium oxide abrasive.(cheap black aluminum oxide media manufacturers malaysia)

With the continuous progress of society, we also pay more and more attention to green carborundum abrasives. Of course, among abrasives, brown corundum is the first choice. Because brown corundum is almost everywhere in our life, there is a problem that I can't think about. What are the advantages of brown corundum? It can play such an important role in abrasives. Today, we finally solve this problem , and share with you.Talking about the advantages of silicon carbide companies, we should first talk about the characteristics of brown corundum. 

(cheap black aluminum oxide media manufacturers malaysia)From the name alone, we can see the first characteristics of white aluminum oxide, that is, the hardness of brown corundum is indeed the first among the abrasives, and its wear resistance is not to be said, and the high temperature resistance of brown corundum itself is also relatively high. It is precisely because pink corundum has Because of these characteristics, it is a very good material for grinding, and the consumption of mold is also very small, which is the first advantage of brown corundum.

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