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Cheap Black Corundum Wholesale Price Belgium

In acid medium, 15% Cr cast iron is added with sail to improve the corrosion wear ability(pink corundum). It can be seen from the figure that the corrosion wear decreases with the increase of vanadium content. This form of wear is also known as contact fatigue wear. Because the surface failure forms under cyclic loading, the process also includes crack initiation, propagation and final fracture(emery abrasive). Fatigue wear and overall fatigue have different characteristics.

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When corrosion is the main reason, the typical characteristics are pitting and spalling(silicon carbide abrasive). Fatigue wear is defined as: when two contact bodies roll or slide relative, when the cyclic stress formed in the contact area exceeds the fatigue strength of the material, the surface layer will cause cracks and gradually expand, and finally the material above the crack will break off and peel off. Therefore, the calculation of stress is more complex and difficult(synthetic corundum). The damage marks were pitting at first and then spalling.

(cheap black corundum wholesale price belgium)Because the fatigue stress can reach a very high value, the fatigue wear life is much lower than the overall fatigue(brown fused alumina). In addition to cyclic stress, fatigue wear also undergoes complex friction process, which may cause a series of physical and chemical changes of the surface layer as well as various mechanical and physical properties changes, so it is in more complex and worse working conditions than the overall fatigue(green silicon carbide). The above refers to the ideal material.

In addition, for the machine parts after surface strengthening treatment, the cracks originate at the junction of the surface hardening layer and the core(brown aluminum oxide), and the development of the cracks is generally parallel to the surface, and then vertically or inclined outward after a certain extension. However, different alloy elements should be added to different media(black silicon carbide), that is, different wear-resistant alloys should be used in different abrasive media to obtain good results.(cheap black corundum wholesale price belgium)

In rolling contact, under the influence of alternating stress(brown fused alumina price), cracks are easy to nucleate here, and expand to the surface to produce spalling, and form pitting pits on the surface of parts. In general, the whole fatigue makes the surface expand along the direction of 45 angle with the applied stress, and then it turns to the direction perpendicular to the stress after more than two or three grains(aluminum oxide abrasive). In recent years, the fatigue life of the parts with different fatigue life fluctuates greatly and has no limit.

(cheap black corundum wholesale price belgium)If there is sliding contact in addition to rolling contact, the failure position will gradually move to the surface, because the maximum stress of pure sliding should be at the surface(white alumina). In fact, the material is uneven, the surface of the part is rough and uneven, and there are inclusions, microcracks and hard spots in the material itself, which changes the position of fatigue failure(aluminum oxide grit). Therefore, cracks sometimes start from the surface and sometimes from the subsurface.

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