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Cheap Black Corundum Wholesale Price Canada

For example, the thickness of a certain metal a before corrosion is 2.18mm, and the corrosion time of both sides is 10min(emery abrasive). For the corrosion parts with high precision requirements, the measurement time can be increased several times. Even if the daily processing quality is consistent with the expected effect, corrosion liquid cost tolerance(aluminum oxide powder), it is still necessary to regularly analyze the composition of the corrosion liquid.

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In order to prevent the rapid change of the composition of the corrosive agent(brown fused alumina), the volume of the corrosive solution should be made larger when the conditions permit (processing capacity, size of the corrosion site, etc.), so that it will not be necessary to stop the work for analysis and supplement during the corrosion processing of parts with less corrosion amount(silicon carbide abrasive). They should take out the parts and measure the etched depth at 60min or 70min.

(cheap black corundum wholesale price canada)Generally, in the actual operation, the operator should not allow the parts to be corroded in the corrosive solution for 78min before taking them out(brown aluminum oxide). During the measurement, the oxide on the corroded surface should be removed before measurement, and then the parts should be put into the corrosion solution according to the actual corrosion sealing depth until the predetermined corrosion processing depth(green silicon carbide), and obtain fast and good results.

Temperature control of etching solution: the temperature has a certain influence on the etching speed(brown aluminium oxide). Within the limit etching speed range, when the temperature increases about L2 ℃, the etching speed increases by about one time. For parts with accurate size requirements, the temperature is required to be no more than ± 2 ℃ - ± 3 ℃(black silicon carbide). For chemical etching, in order to ensure the accuracy of etching, this is a commonly used forcing method.

Therefore, for the special process of chemical etching(brown fused alumina price), it is very important to strictly ensure that all kinds of components in the corrosion solution are within the process control range. The production shows that adding a small amount of additives into the corrosion solution can make the corrosion process meet the technical requirements(aluminum oxide abrasive). The effect of additives on the etching speed and etching surface effect can not be ignored.(cheap black corundum wholesale price canada)

In the whole etching process(white alumina), it is necessary to control the parameters of two aspects to ensure whether the required amount of etching can be completed within the calculated etching time. The control of the composition concentration of the corrosive solution: this can be satisfied by chemical analysis of the corrosive solution and supplementing the consumed corrosive agent according to the analysis results(aluminum oxide grit), which is also known as "side corrosion".

(cheap black corundum wholesale price canada)In the chemical etching process, in addition to the whole etching method without any anti-corrosion treatment(pink corundum), we must pay attention to the "spreading" problem of metal corrosion under the anti-corrosion layer. In practical application, the size of side corrosion is directly related to the etching accuracy and the limit size of etching line(synthetic corundum). Therefore, the etching speed should be re measured when any additive is added to the etching solution.

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