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The electric control molding machine changes the traditional manual valve opening operation(aluminum oxide abrasive), and manually turns the button to touch the solenoid valve to control the pneumatic angle valve to complete a molding process. Because the pattern is in contact with water vapor and water in the molding process, the pattern just processed contains a lot of moisture(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). Generally, the gel has certain toxicity and odour due to the use of benzene solvent.

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The softening point can be used to roughly measure the heat resistance, melting difficulty and exposure time of hot glue(white fused alumina). It is also the reference data of melting temperature of hot glue in EPC. Selection of hot glue: high performance hot glue is selected for hot gluing machine molding, cutting and splicing assembly pattern bonding(brown aluminum oxide factory), rapid bonding, white mold bonding of ordinary casting workpiece, and non-standard pattern bonding.(cheap black fused alumina factory philippines)

The temperature of the drying room is set at no more than 60 ℃(brown fused alumina price), but some simple drying rooms are difficult to control the temperature or the layout of heating pipes is unreasonable, resulting in uneven temperature, the additional weight of the pattern after painting and the improper placement of the pattern in the drying room and other factors may cause the pattern deformation(aluminum oxide grit). Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the melting viscosity of hot glue.

(cheap black fused alumina factory philippines)The melting viscosity of imported hot glue is 250 MPa · s at 135 ℃(white alumina). The lost foam process requires that the thermal amine and bonding joint must have good dip coating property (coating hanging property) with water-based coating. Therefore, it is necessary to select appropriate materials and scientific formula to make it have good coating property(garnet abrasive). The viscosity is related to the coating, wetting, permeability and wire drawing of the pattern.

The practice shows that the melt viscosity of hot glue is an index of fluidity and an important data of melt coating process(black silicon carbide). Too high viscosity is not convenient for construction, resulting in uneven coating, large amount of glue, glue accumulation at glue joint, uneven scraping, etc.(glass bead blasting media suppliers), gating system bonding, which easily leads to blocking of metal flow and gas generation during pouring The surface quality of castings is poor.(cheap black fused alumina factory philippines)

If the heat-resistant temperature of the hot glue is not high, it may cause the adhesive to open and crack(pink corundum). The method of using this glue is to apply two components a and B evenly on the surfaces of the two objects to be adhered. After closing, the adhesive can be glued by hand pressing for a moment. It is characterized by fast curing speed, high bonding strength and easy to use(garnet suppliers). It is widely used in manual molding, but it is greatly affected by the shelf life.

(cheap black fused alumina factory philippines)When the softening point is 100 ~ 105 ℃, the drying temperature is suitable(green silicon carbide). Selection of cold glue: complex curved surface, high-precision splicing and assembly, high quality requirements for pattern joint surface, slow bonding for automobile engine cylinder block and cylinder head, and cold glue for large and extra large pattern bonding(steel grid). After the pattern is bonded and assembled, the pattern is dipped (brushed) with special coating for EPC.

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