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The friction phenomenon in fluid lubrication is more complicated than that analyzed by hydrodynamic theory(garnet suppliers). If the oil film thickness is too small to completely separate the two contact surfaces, the scuffing depends on both the lubricating oil and the properties of the metal material(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). From the analysis of dynamics and stress state, the rolling friction is obviously different from the dynamic friction, which is called hydrodynamic lubrication.

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The shear phenomenon of thumb plow and stick point on the contact surface will not be encountered here(garnet abrasive), and the model of full dynamic falling just now can not explain the formation of rolling friction force, so a new model is needed. It can be seen that the AB circle is in the center of the ball and all around the edge(220 grit aluminum oxide). The surface inclusion molecules contained in lubricating oil are adsorbed on the solid surface to form a monolayer.

(cheap black fused alumina factory south korea)This kind of friction condition has a small amount of friction coefficient, which is the most ideal condition from the point of view of energy saving(pink corundum). The friction force is also independent of the contact surface condition. When the circle ball rolls for one cycle, the two countries run different distances, and the distance difference must lead to the occurrence of interface slip(steel grid). After that, the main current wind comes into being.

There are two ways to establish oil film pressure: one is to supply static pressure by oil pump(white fused alumina); the other is to rely on the pressure formed by itself in the process of friction pair movement. The wedge clearance between equal friction pairs is a necessary condition for forming hydrodynamic pressure(brown corundum abrasive). The friction resistance of the internal friction oil is determined. Heathcote observed the rolling of the ball in the groove.(cheap black fused alumina factory south korea)

According to Reynolds(white alumina), when two solids with different elastic constants come into contact, they form a boundary layer, and then a micro hydrophilic zone appears. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of these interfaces. The characteristics of fluid lubrication are completely separated by oil spray on the dry friction surface, and the pressure balance of oil film(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media), the greater the external load and film thickness.

(cheap black fused alumina factory south korea)In order to achieve fluid lubrication(white aluminum oxide), the minimum oil film thickness must not be less than the sum of the arithmetic mean values of wheel height of two contact surfaces. At the same time, the deformation degree of the surface under load, the error of parts processing and assembly, and the possibility of hard impurities in lubricating oil should be considered(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The oil film has enough thickness to avoid direct metal contact.

It is very important to reduce and avoid friction vibration as far as possible in engineering practice, life extension and wear reduction(brown fused alumina price). The larger the difference between static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient (μ - PP), the more prone to stick slip phenomenon(silicon carbide grit). This difference is affected by many factors, such as the smoothness of sliding surface, the physical and chemical properties of lubricating oil, sliding speed, etc.

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