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Cheap Black Fused Alumina Manufacturers Canada

The smelting process of black fused alumina can also be divided into five stages: opening, smelting, control, refining and cooling. The preparation of black fused alumina before opening is basically the same as that of brown corundum smelting.

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There are three arc starting methods for white fused alumina smelting: paper cylinder, carbon rod and charcoal. Place three paper drums with a diameter of about 100 mm and a height of about 150 mm on the furnace bottom facing the end of the three electrodes. The paper cylinder is filled with carbon particles with a particle size of about 10 mm. pink alumina with particle size no more than 20 mm shall be used to surround the paper cylinder.(cheap black fused alumina manufacturers canada)

Take special care to avoid arc breaking due to improper operation. The white aluminum oxide advantages of this method are less carbon consumption, fast arc starting and simple operation. The disadvantage is that it has erosion effect on furnace bottom and affects the service life of furnace bottom. The bottom of the furnace is first covered with black aluminium oxide, and then three carbon rods of suitable size are placed into stars (or triangles).

(cheap black fused alumina manufacturers canada)Put a proper amount of about 10 mm carbon particles at the contact of the three carbon rods. After brown fused aluminum oxide power transmission, place the electrode on the carbon rod to arc. This method uses less carbon, has no erosion to the bottom of the furnace, and can start arc quickly, but the operation is troublesome. When placing the carbon rod, the brown fused aluminium oxide at the bottom layer shall be fully paved and surrounded by aluminum oxide powder around the carbon rod.

After the arc is started, when there is a certain amount of molten liquid in the white aluminium oxide furnace, three carbon rods need to be fished out one by one, and the arc may be broken if the operation is improper. Dig three grooves on the surface of aluminum oxide powder at the bottom of the furnace to form stars. Then lower the electrode, make it fall safely on the top of the star three, then the white fused alumina price supply and arc starting can be realized.

(cheap black fused alumina manufacturers canada)When the current rises to 1000A, a lack of pink aluminum oxide with a block size of no more than 10 mm can be added to the charcoal to further compact the melted alumina powder. When the current rises to 3000A, the material can be fed, but the feeding should not be too fierce or too much, so as to avoid cutting off arc light and causing arc breaking. The arc starting method of charcoal is simple, economical and easy to operate.

A slightly higher current can be used for arc starting. Practice shows that it is more practical than the first two methods. We all know that brown fused alumina manufacturer is a great abrasive commonly used in industrial production. As we all know, it has high purity, good crystallization and strong fluidity. Generally speaking, the higher the toughness of brown corundum abrasives is, the more grinding amount per unit of brown corundum abrasives is.(cheap black fused alumina manufacturers canada)

After power transmission, the arc can be started when the electrode falls slowly. However, the excessive toughness will affect the self sharpening of white fused alumina manufacturer, so it is required that black aluminum oxide media have appropriate toughness. The meaning of brittleness refers to the property that material is destroyed without obvious deformation under the action of external force. It is generally believed that the greater the toughness, the smaller the brittleness. 

(cheap black fused alumina manufacturers canada)The self sharpening property of white fused alumina suppliers means that the grinding force on the edge of abrasive increases after it becomes blunt, and then it is broken locally and new cutting edge is produced, so as to restore its grinding ability. The opposite of toughness is brittleness. The brittleness of the white corundum directly affects the self sharpening and the granulating ability of the abrasive.

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