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Cheap Black Fused Alumina Suppliers South Africa

Because quartz sand is polygonal sand with low strength, medium-sized sand is easy to be broken in molding and sand treatment process(white fused alumina), which will not only produce a lot of dust. Baozhu sand is spherical sand with excellent angular coefficient. Due to concentrated molding sand and high compactness, this kind of defect can be avoided(aluminum oxide grit). Baozhu sand is spherical sand with high strength and is not easy to be broken.

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The amount of waste sand cleaned out each time is about 5%(green silicon carbide). A large amount of dust in dry sand will reduce the air permeability and hinder the gas discharge during pouring. The SiO2 content should be more than 90% and the ash content should be less than 3% after washing(synthetic corundum). The particle size distribution of a stream of dry sand should be concentrated on a sieve number, which helps to maintain air permeability.(cheap black fused alumina suppliers south africa)

Quartz sand and forsterite sand have been used successively in the production of high manganese wear-resistant steel castings in a steel casting plant, but the effect is not ideal(white aluminum oxide). However, the thermal expansion coefficient of Baozhu sand is very small, and there is almost no expansion phenomenon in the pouring process, which greatly improves the accuracy of the parts(corundum abrasive), and its performance is comparable to that of cuoying sand.

(cheap black fused alumina suppliers south africa)Due to the poor air permeability of the two sand, the molten foam pattern gas can not be discharged(silicon carbide abrasive), a large number of scabs are produced on the casting surface, and a large amount of gas generated due to high temperature heating can not be discharged during pouring, resulting in defects such as porosity, structure and insufficient pouring(emery abrasive). After using Baozhu sand, the cost of molding sand was saved by more than 60%.

It can greatly reduce the dust amount in the production workshop(brown fused alumina price), reduce the labor intensity and production cost of sand treatment workers, reduce the amount of waste sand and increase the amount of effective recycled sand, thus greatly reducing the loss of molding sand(aluminum oxide abrasive). In the production of medium and large steel castings in a copper casting plant, chromite sand was used to cast molding sand.(cheap black fused alumina suppliers south africa)

For example, many small holes can be cast on the wallboard(white corundum), and the actual price of using Baozhu sand is only 1 / 4 of that of cuoying sand and 1 / 2 of that of chromite ore. It is more important to reduce the amount of binder (eliminate and reduce the negative impact of binder on the quality of casting body), improve the yield of castings and improve economic benefits(white alumina powder). The dry sand commonly used in EPC is natural quartz sand.

(cheap black fused alumina suppliers south africa)The coarse sand grains are easy to stick sand and the casting surface is rough(white alumina). Round or semi polygonal dry sand can improve air permeability. The fluidity and compactness of round sand are the best. The fluidity of angle sand is a little poor, but the anti sticking property is better after proper compaction(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). Generally, compound dry sand is not used because it is easy to be broken in use and a lot of dust will be produced.

The sand is not allowed to have moisture and moisture(pink corundum). The particle composition should be 40 ~ 70 mesh or 20 ~ 40 mesh. Quartz sand should be selected for steel casting production, and water washed quartz sand should be better used. The SiO2 content should be more than 95%, and the particle composition should be 40 ~ 70 mesh or 20 ~ 40 mesh(black silicon carbide). 50 ~ 100 mesh fine sand can be selected for aluminum casting.(cheap black fused alumina suppliers south africa)

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