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In the use and storage of antioxidant rubber products, they often become hard, brittle or softened and sticky, lose elasticity and cannot be used, silicon carbide companies which is called aging phenomenon. There are physical and chemical antioxidants. Physical antioxidant is to add paraffin and other substances into raw rubber, green carborundum which can form film on the surface of rubber products to protect rubber products from oxidation.

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Physical plasticizer is also called softener. After adding raw rubber, it will produce white fused alumina swelling, increase the distance between raw rubber molecules, so as to reduce the elasticity and improve the plasticity. Physical plasticizers include: Petroleum softeners, such as mechanical oil, bond oil, heavy oil, asphalt, paraffin, etc.; terpineous softeners, such as pine tar, rosin, pink corundum etc. Chemical antioxidant a (antioxidant a) and antioxidant D (antioxidant d) are used to manufacture soft elastic abrasive tools.(cheap black silicon carbide factory brazil)

Common chemical plasticizers include thiophenol, benzoyl peroxide, benzoic acid sulfide, white aluminum oxide etc. The formula includes the variety, quantity and curing conditions (pressure, temperature and time) of various raw materials. There are two common ways to express the formula of rubber abrasive tools, that is, the way to list the proportion of other components relative to the mass based on rubber, silicon carbide price and the way to list the proportion of other components relative to the mass based on abrasive. 

(cheap black silicon carbide factory brazil)The basic principle of the formula design of rubber abrasive tools is to select different kinds and quantities of white corundum raw materials according to the requirements of the flexibility, strength, hardness, heat resistance and wear resistance of the abrasive tools in use. Plasticizing is the process of changing rubber from elastic state to plastic state. Because the arc fused alumina crosslinking degree of the soft rubber is small and easy to crack, an appropriate amount of anti-aging agent is added.

The technological quality of rubber rubber compound (binder and forming material) in the manufacturing of abrasive tools has a great impact on the product quality and production efficiency of the abrasive tools, brown fused alumina price which requires that the rubber compound should not It can be neither too hard nor too soft, neither roll wrapping nor roll sticking. The formulation of rubber abrasive tools is an important factor to determine the performance of fused alumina tools.(cheap black silicon carbide factory brazil)

The white alumina compound must have good processability. The formula determines the cost and benefit of the abrasive products: the formula should be able to make the abrasive products have good use performance; the binder and forming material should have good and stable process performance, so that the abrasive products have low cost, reduce the interaction between raw rubber molecules, and the black oxide aluminum raw materials used have good environmental friendliness.

(cheap black silicon carbide factory brazil)It reflects the relationship between composition and quantity of black corundum forming materials. Only when the formula is reasonable can the abrasives have the required performance. Due to the low mechanical strength of the synthetic rubber used in the production of soft rubber abrasives, high economic efficiency, a large number of fillers must be added. Carbon black is a filler with reinforcing effect and an indispensable reinforcing material of the glass beads supplier synthetic rubber.

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