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aluminium oxide blasting grit hardness refers to the ability of abrasive surface to resist local external action, while the hardness of abrasive tools (such as oilstone) is the firmness of adhesive bonded abrasive under external force, and the cleanliness can reach more than 98%, which is one of the basic characteristics of abrasive. Grinding is realized by using the hardness difference between the pink corundum and the workpiece to be grinded.

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After knowing the particle size of abrasive, let's take a look at the hardness selection of emery abrasive: The hardness of grinding wheel refers to the degree of difficulty for abrasive grains to fall off from the surface of abrasive tools under the action of external force. Hard materials are hard to grind, abrasive grains are easy to grind, soft materials are easy to grind, silicon carbide price grains are not easy to grind, and hard materials are selected.

When white fused alumina grinding soft and tough non-ferrous materials, the hardness should be selected to be softer. When grinding soft and tough non-ferrous materials, the grinding wheel is easy to block. In order to improve the self sharpness of the grinding wheel, the hardness should be selected to be softer. The hardness of this kind of green carborundum material is high, the heat conduction system is low, and the grinding zone temperature is not easy to disperse.

The hardness of the grinding tool used for white aluminum oxide cutting in grinding is softer than that used for longitudinal feed grinding, so as to avoid burning the workpiece. When forming grinding and grinding intermittent surfaces, the hardness of the grinding tool should be higher to ensure the correct geometry of the workpiece. The hardness of the silicon carbide companies grinding tool should be softer in plane grinding and softer in face grinding than in circle grinding.

The contact area between the grinding tool and the workpiece is large, the white corundum grains are easy to be blunt, the grinding heat is increased, and the workpiece is easy to burn. The hardness of the internal grinding tool is higher than that of the external and plane grinding tools. In internal grinding, the linear speed of the grinding tool is low, so the hardness should be higher. When arc fused alumina grinding the cutting tool, choose the soft sand.

When grinding the cutting tool, the heat dissipation condition of the workpiece is poor, brown fused alumina price which is easy to cause burns and cracks. Generally, it is selected in h-l. For grinding materials with poor thermal conductivity, a soft grinding wheel should be selected. When grinding hard materials, choose a softer tool, otherwise, choose a harder tool. The fused alumina hardness of high-speed grinding wheel is 1-2 grade lower than that of ordinary grinding wheel.

The higher the hardness of the white alumina, the stronger its cutting ability. Because the "dynamic hardness" of the grinding wheel obtained under high speed rotation is high, the hardness should be lower. The hardness of grinding wheel with coolant is higher than that of dry grinding wheel. When dry grinding, the workpiece is easy to heat. When black oxide aluminum selecting the hardness of grinding wheel, it should be 1-2 grade softer than the coolant.

The fine dust in the product and the sawdust in the material are separated by the friction and collision between the black corundum materials. We can also use the rear induced draft fan to introduce the dust and sawdust with lighter materials and smaller particles into the dust removal equipment, so that the fused aluminum oxide products will not produce dust and sawdust after visual inspection, which can completely meet the requirements of foreign customers.

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