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Cheap Black Silicon Carbide Factory In China

The alumina content of black silicon carbide suppliers is the main index of chemical composition. This is because alumina is the most important component of corundum, and determines the grinding performance and physical and chemical properties of corundum abrasive. In addition, the standard seabed TiO2 content of high purity fused aluminum oxide is specified.

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The content of TiO2 not only affects the mechanical properties of white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit, but also affects the color of abrasives. When the content of TiO2 in aluminum oxide for sand blaster is less than 1% ~ 1.3%, the abrasive is gray white. Na2O in white corundum can form sodium aluminate (Na2O · 11al2o3) with Al2O3, which consumes Al2O3 in corundum and reduces the content of α - Al2O3.(cheap black silicon carbide factory in china)

The chemical composition of microcrystalline corundum is basically the same as that of brown fused alumina for grinding. The Al2O3 content of single crystal corundum is more than 98.00%, which is similar to that of white corundum. As the main raw material of single crystal corundum is bauxite, there are a certain amount of TiO2 and a small amount of impurities (MgO, Cao, etc.) in the abrasive. Therefore, the national standard strictly controls the content of Na2O in aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive abrasive.

(cheap black silicon carbide factory in china)The formation mechanism of Cr corundum is similar to that of white corundum, so the Al2O3 content of Cr corundum is more than 98.00%, which is similar to that of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit. The difference is that 0.5% ~ 3% Cr2O3 is added during smelting, and a continuous solid solution is formed between chromium oxide and Al2O3. The chemical composition of abrasive fluctuates slightly with the change of abrasive particle size.

The finer the brown aluminum oxide blast media abrasive size, the lower the purity. That is to say, the main chemical composition content of abrasive decreases with the change of particle size, and the impurity content increases accordingly. The addition of chromium oxide also changes the lattice constant D of low density white alumina and increases the distance between crystal faces.(cheap black silicon carbide factory in china)

In addition, Cr2O3 exists between brown fused alumina grit crystals in the form of replacement solid solution. Chromium replaces Al3 + (51pm) with Cr3 + (69pm), which makes some changes in the crystal lattice, thus increasing the impact resistance of the crystal, improving the physical and mechanical properties of corundum, especially when Cr2O3 is in the range of 2% ~ 3%, it can significantly improve its grinding ability and toughness.

(cheap black silicon carbide factory in china)The difference between aluminum oxide grit smelting and aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh smelting lies in that the lining materials in the electric arc furnace are white corundum sand and aluminum oxide powder; the melting block method is used to produce white corundum, which requires the lining to have good heat insulation performance and good air permeability. The production process of microcrystalline corundum is similar to that of brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers

The Al2O3 content is relatively low. The black silicon carbide factory raw materials such as bauxite, pyrite (FeS2), carbon and iron scraps are used in the production process of single crystal corundum abrasives, which are smelted and refined in the electric arc furnace, poured out of the furnace into the receiving bag, and carried out water cleaning → magnetic separation → dehydration → acid pickling → water cleaning → dehydration → white aluminum oxide abrasive.

(cheap black silicon carbide factory in china)The difference is that a proper amount of reducing agent and clarifier should be added to remove impurities and control corundum sand crystal growth. When cooling, the thickness of frit is relatively thin (100-200mm), which needs rapid cooling and its crystal is small. The production process of chrome corundum is similar to that of wholesale brown fused alumina, but the utilization ratio of Cr2O3 added in raw materials is 40% ~ 60%, with more losses.

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