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The silicon carbide companies purpose of adding iron filings (clarifier) is to form alloy sinking between iron filings and metal elements reduced into various oxides, so as to achieve the purpose of separation from corundum. Therefore, the amount of iron filings can be calculated according to the following formula: the content of SiO2 and Fe203, SiO2 and Fe2O3 in bauxite clinker, the white fused alumina suppliers content of iron in iron filings, and the ratio of iron to silicon.

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Decarburizing agent - the white fused alumina amount of iron scale added is related to the actual adjustment coefficient D. when D is large, the later decarburizing agent should be added more, otherwise less. During the oxidation refining period, the unmelted layer on the upper surface of the furnace pool shall not be too thick, and the white fused alumina manufacturer material shall not be added any more. At this time, decarburization begins. Generally, adjust according to the actual stick color.

(cheap black silicon carbide factory indonesia)It is characterized by adding excessive carbon reduction in the middle stage and white aluminum oxide decarburizing agent in the later stage. That is to say, the former and the middle stage are reduction smelting period, and the later stage is oxidation refining period. After the reduction smelting period, it enters into the oxidation refining period. The smelting process of sub low density white alumina (Al203 ≥ 98% and Al203 ≥ 98.5%) is different from that of steel grid.

The amount of decarburizing agent is determined by the color of stick after white corundum reduction smelting period, and the speed of adding decarburizing agent (iron scale) is controlled according to the intensity of reaction. The disadvantage is that the product color is poor and a-Al2O3 segregation is slightly poor. In case of abnormal phenomenon, power failure or other black oxide aluminum emergency measures can be taken according to the situation.(cheap black silicon carbide factory indonesia)

The power of brown fused alumina price smelting furnace shall not be too small. Therefore, the content of Na2O in industrial alumina must be strictly controlled. Generally, iron scales can be added several times. Decarburization reaction is exothermic reaction, so input power can be reduced properly when adding iron scale for decarburization, and glass beads supplier power can be increased (about 80% of the full load) after the reaction intensity is reduced to ensure that the temperature of molten liquid does not drop.

(cheap black silicon carbide factory indonesia)After repeatedly adding iron scale for decarburization and judging as qualified according to the stick color, the black corundum power can be gradually reduced and the furnace can be shut down. In the oxidation refining period, the open arc operation with higher secondary voltage and lower secondary current should be adopted, which is conducive to the escape of CO generated during decarburization. Smelting sub fused alumina has special requirements for electrical working parameters.

In the reduction smelting period, the secondary voltage can be kept slightly higher when the pink corundum furnace charge is melted, and then the lower secondary voltage and higher secondary current submerged arc operation are used. This is beneficial to increase the temperature and reduce impurities in the furnace pool. At the same time, it is not easy to cause splashing phenomenon due to violent reaction when arc fused alumina decarbonizing agent is added.(cheap black silicon carbide factory indonesia)

In the later stage of refining, low voltage silicon carbide price and high current are used to increase the resistance heat, increase the temperature of molten liquid in the furnace, make the free carbon dissolved in the molten corundum more fully reduce the residual impurities, so as to reduce the content of impurities and increase the content of Al2O3. Generally, the green carborundum transformer capacity shall be more than 1800kv · a, and the voltage control shall be convenient.

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