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Cheap Black Silicon Carbide Factory Japan

According to a small amount of other black silicon carbide suppliers material components, it can be divided into chrome corundum, wrong corundum, titanium corundum, vanadium corundum, nickel corundum, wrong Qin corundum, tin corundum, miscellaneous corundum, etc. According to the production method, and gemstones were widely used as clocks, it can be divided into sintered corundum and fused white aluminum oxide

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People's interest in brown fused aluminum oxide factory corundum crystal comes from its hardness, purity, transparency, bright color and dazzling. Nowadays, corundum ceramics are important parts of high temperature ceramics, electronic ceramics, bioceramics and tool ceramics. Corundum abrasive account for more than two-thirds of all abrasives. After the liberation of China, corundum abrasives industry developed rapidly. Synthetic high alumina raw material and fused brown fused alumina grit have a long history. 

(cheap black silicon carbide factory japan)In 1902, French scientist Wiener used alumina as raw material to cultivate Ruby crystal, then a large number of white aluminium oxide manufacturer artificial gem factories appeared, various precision instruments, meters and mechanical bearings or wear-resistant, high temperature resistant components, laser components, etc. white aluminum oxide 120 grit crystal is widely used in abrasive industry because of its high hardness, good wear resistance, small friction coefficient and luster after wear.

In 1951, the trial production of white aluminum oxide 220 grit was successful, and in 1955, the trial production of white corundum was successful. Now, corundum abrasives are not only supplied to the domestic market, but also to the international market. Up to now, the raw materials for refractory industry, so they are widely used in the electric air, such as brown corundum and white corundum, are mostly supplied by brown aluminum oxide blast media industry department.(cheap black silicon carbide factory japan)

brown aluminum oxide 70 grit is widely used to make ornaments for people to wear. High alumina ceramics containing more than 80% of a-Al2O3 were born in the middle of 1930, and then a large amount of - Al2O3 was added to the spark plug; in the middle of 1940, high alumina ceramics began to be used in addition to the brown fused alumina for grinding spark plug, and were popularized to all kinds of electrical ceramics. They were made in America in 1909 and used in refractories.

(cheap black silicon carbide factory japan)In 1934, Thomas and Curtis of the United States sintered plate-like white fused alumina in the shaft kiln invented by them. In 1935, they carried out intermediate tests and entered the commercial production of sintered corundum. A large number of them were used as refractory aggregate since the mid-1950s. In Japan, brown aluminium oxide manufacturer was used around 1967, sintered corundum was used around 1970, and sintered corundum was produced at the same time.

In addition to using industrial alumina as raw material for electric melting of white corundum, high alumina and alumina shale are also used for electric melting of brown corundum, which is widely used as refractory raw materials due to its low price. Corundum products have good air tightness, even in high temperature, such as the use of white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit to make a variety of large-scale electronic shell, solid microcircuit in-line package shell.(cheap black silicon carbide factory japan)

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