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Corundum has only corundum powder, silicon carbide has green silicon carbide powder and a small amount of cubic silicon carbide powder. For raw material grinding, corundum is milled by dry method, air flow mill and vibration mill, while black silicon carbide is mostly milled by wet method and then washed by water, acid or alkali.

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After washing, hydraulic classification is carried out, brown fused alumina price and finally dehydration, drying, loose and packaging are carried out. The common methods are sedimentation method, overflow method, swirl method, etc. The theory points out that under the influence of a constant force (such as gravity), a spherical object will move in a viscous medium at a constant speed, arc fused alumina which is proportional to the square of the radius of the object.

(cheap black silicon carbide factory mexico)The hydraulic classification of settling method is based on the different settling velocity of particles in water. First, put the white fused alumina micro powder slurry into the settling tank, mix it to make the particles suspended, and then let the particles in the slurry settle freely. When the specified time is reached, the particles will settle to a certain height. The fused alumina particle size classification can be achieved by sucking out the unsettled slurry above the height.

The sedimentation method is adopted for separation, and each white alumina particle size shall be fully separated (6-7 times). Settlement classification is divided into single cylinder settlement method and multi cylinder step settlement method. The multi cylinder settling method is composed of several black oxide aluminum settling cylinders arranged in steps, and the slurry is allowed to flow into the next cylinder during discharging; the grading order is from coarse to fine.(cheap black silicon carbide factory mexico)

According to the same mechanism, the overflow method introduces upward flow to the overflow tank, and brings out the white aluminum oxide particles whose settling velocity is less than the flow velocity from the overflow tank. The diameter of these cylinders increases gradually from the highest step down, and the glass beads supplier particle size of the separation decreases gradually. In this way, one stream of water can be used in several grading cylinders successively for separation. 

(cheap black silicon carbide factory mexico)The velocity of water flow is calculated by controlling the flow according to the black corundum shape of overflow cylinder: q = V · a, where: Q - flow of water, m3 / m m; V - settling velocity of particles, M / min; a - cylindrical section area of overflow cylinder, M. Similar to the settlement method, the overflow classification includes single cylinder overflow method and step overflow method. The garnet abrasive classification sequence of single cylinder settlement method is from fine to coarse. 

The separation sequence of single cylinder overflow method is starting from the fine overflow, after the white corundum first particle size is selected, increase the water flow in the same overflow cylinder, and then select the coarse particle size. Sorting to the coarsest particle size in turn is over. Discharge the garnet suppliers remaining coarse material in the barrel, and then feed it for the next cycle sorting. The stepped overflow method is to connect the stepped cylinders in series.(cheap black silicon carbide factory mexico)

The overflow water (slurry) of the highest cylinder position is led to the bottom of the next cylinder to overflow the next grain, and so on. In the actual production, the pink corundum particle shape is complex, not a sphere, and there are collisions, frictions and interferences between particles and between particles and container wall, so the actual particle settling speed must be corrected by the correction coefficient. The glass bead blasting media suppliers particle size classification of micro powder is hydraulic classification. 

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