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In fact, aluminum oxide blasting abrasive products have different particle sizes, so the particle density of abrasive is of practical significance. The particle density of abrasive depends on two main factors, one is the atomic weight of the elements in the crystal chemical composition, the other is the compactness of the particle accumulation in the aluminum oxide abrasive media crystal structure.

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The particle density of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit refers to the mass of abrasive particles per unit volume after eliminating the open pores. That is to say, the density of abrasive particles is measured by raw abrasive particles without treatment. Because the closed pores of alumina abrasive particles are not excluded in the determination of abrasive density, the word "particles" is added before "density" to show the difference.(cheap black silicon carbide factory netherlands)

Among the crystals synthetic corundum price with the same or similar chemical composition, the density should be the main indicator of the density of the particles in the crystal structure. For example, the density difference between the two isomers of diamond and graphite is an example of the white alumina powder influence of the second factor on the density. Diamond and graphite are made up of carbon atoms with the same atomic weight and atomic radius. 

(cheap black silicon carbide factory netherlands)However, the carbon atoms in the diamond structure are four times coordinated, forming a cubic face centered lattice of equiaxed black aluminum oxide media crystal system. The coordination number of carbon atom in graphite is 3, which usually forms the primary lattice of hexagonal 2H type. The higher the coordination number is, the closer the 60 grit aluminum oxide particles accumulate in the crystal structure, and the higher the density is.

In this method, kerosene is used as the medium, and the open pore volume of aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive sample is eliminated by vacuum pumping device. According to the Archimedes principle, the weight lost by a solid in a liquid is equal to the weight of the same volume of liquid it displaces. The mass m of the 220 grit aluminum oxide sample in kerosene is equal to the mass of the sample cup in kerosene minus the mass of the sample cup in kerosene.(cheap black silicon carbide factory netherlands)

During the measurement, respectively weigh the mass g of the alumina grit sample in the air and the mass m of the sample in the medium (kerosene), and calculate the particle density of the abrasive according to the following formula: where, the density PX of kerosene can be measured by a precision hydrometer with an accuracy of 0.001g/cm ', or by a Wechsler balance. When weighing 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media samples, it is usually by means of a sample cup.

(cheap black silicon carbide factory netherlands)The mass g of the sample in the air is equal to the corundum abrasive mass of the cuvette containing the sample minus the mass of the cuvette. Each replacement of the inspection screen must also be calibrated with "standard sand" before it can be used. Because the abrasive particles are obtained by natural sieving under certain sieving conditions, the 150 grit aluminum oxide particle size composition and distribution of particle size basically conform to the normal distribution.

Therefore, by using the "standard sand" with known aluminum oxide 40 grit particle size composition and plotting the measured data on the normal probability paper, the purpose of measuring and checking the effective size of the screen aperture and converting the particle size distribution proportion can be achieved. However, the high toughness will hinder the self sharpening of 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media grains. The density of diamond is 3.51g/cm, graphite is 2.23g/cm.

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