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Cheap Black Silicon Carbide Factory South Korea

Considering that the silicon carbide price was originally bonded to the outer circle of the cloth wheel for polishing, similar to the use of coated abrasives, many factories now use a large number of black fused alumina and brown corundum composite to make resin abrasives, which has a high cost performance. There is no low-grade abrasive, only the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

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Although the original cloth wheel has a good effect of sand bonding and polishing, it needs a lot of manual work, and there is dust, some people use white alumina belt and polishing wheel, but the polishing effect is relatively good Poor, many dealers want to develop green carborundum belt and polishing wheel. There is no crystal or corundum mineral phase in the copper ore, so you must pay attention to it when you buy it!

(cheap black silicon carbide factory south korea)In the aspect of polishing, brown fused alumina is not easy to burn workpieces, especially for stainless steel polishing, can make the surface of workpieces achieve higher brightness , which can not be replaced by any kind of abrasive at present. The reason why black corundum appears gray black is that the internal structure of chrome corundum contains about 5% - 10% iron oxide.

Mixing black corundum and brown fused alumina price in proper proportion (generally about 30%) to make resin cutting piece, angle grinding piece and resin grinding wheel can significantly improve sharpness, cut and polished surface quality, improve cost performance and significantly reduce cost. At present, there are two grades of arc fused alumina, ordinary grade and fine grade.(cheap black silicon carbide factory south korea)

Black corundum is a kind of gray black crystal with Al2O3 and ferrite spinel as the main ore phase, which is produced by high-temperature melting and cooling in an electric arc furnace. I also want to remind you that there is a kind of copper ore in the black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media market at present, whose color is very similar to black corundum, but it is actually a kind of iron slag.

(cheap black silicon carbide factory south korea)The fused aluminium oxide content of ordinary grade is about 60% - 65%, and the aluminum content of fine grade is more than 80%. For brown aluminum oxide, white corundum, the aluminum content is indeed low, but the existence is reasonable. At present, fused alumina is mainly used in two aspects, one is composite abrasive application, the other is professional polishing application.

Through the compound use of corundum abrasive such as black corundum, brown aluminium oxide and white corundum, the abrasives made, such as cutting pieces and grinding wheels, can improve the cutting efficiency of products, run more smoothly, and the cut of workpieces has no burr and is more flat! The main reason is that in terms of fine polishing, black oxide aluminum is irreplaceable, which is also the embodiment of the value of black corundum.(cheap black silicon carbide factory south korea)

pink fused alumina content is not the only standard to measure the quality of abrasives, and price is not the only standard to measure the value of products. The current price of common grade black corundum is lower than that of pink corundum, which is the advantage of black corundum and the embodiment of high cost performance of glass beads supplier. At present, high-quality black corundum is mainly used for export, and its price is relatively high.

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