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Both fused and sintered corundum are relatively large blocks, silicon carbide price which must be processed to meet the production requirements of abrasives and refractories. The following mainly introduces the processing process of fused corundum. After smelting, the qualified corundum block is broken and crushed into particles, silicon carbide companies and then it is divided into different sizes and separated from the mixed iron according to certain size range, so as to meet the national standard.

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According to the requirements of white corundum industry, there are national standards for the chemical composition, particle size composition, magnetic content and particle density of corundum. The dense corundum and plate corundum specially produced for refractory manufacturers are generally processed according to the commonly used particle composition and the limited content of impurities in green carborundum refractory production. Generally, jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing.(cheap black silicon carbide factory taiwan)

So far, brown fused alumina price is mainly produced by the abrasive industry. The processing and granulating process of corundum is complex, and dry processing is generally adopted in China. The following describes the particle size range and equipment used for coarse crushing, medium crushing and crushing. See table for specifications of several jaw crushers commonly used. Medium crushing refers to crushing the 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media ore block size from 50-250mm to less than 20-50mm.

(cheap black silicon carbide factory taiwan)The technological process of white aluminum oxide processing is as follows: → corundum block → coarse crushing → medium crushing → crushing → segmented screening - magnetic separation → fine screening → inspection - packing corundum crushing is to crush and select qualified corundum block, to make various particles with diameter less than 20 mm by means of coarse crushing, 240 grit aluminum oxide medium crushing and crushing by means of extrusion and impact.

Coarse crushing refers to crushing the ore block size of 200-1000MM to less than 50-250mm. Due to the different white alumina production scale of each manufacturer, the model and specification of the equipment used are also different. The maximum crushing ratio of jaw crusher is 8, but due to the high hardness and mechanical strength of pink corundum, the crushing ratio is usually 3-4. The thermal conductivity of bonite castable is much lower than that of plate corundum castable.(cheap black silicon carbide factory taiwan)

Medium crusher can be medium jaw crusher or cone crusher. Due to the different equipment used in the white fused alumina crushing process, the block size after medium crushing is also different. However, the corundum block should meet the requirements of crushing process after medium crushing. The specifications and dimensions of several jaw crushers for 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media medium crushing are shown in the table, and the specifications and technical performance of cone crushers are shown in the table.

(cheap black silicon carbide factory taiwan)Compared with the castable made of plate black corundum, the castable made of special castable has lower bulk density, higher apparent porosity, higher water demand (water content of bonite castable is 4.7% ~ 6.2%, plate corundum is 4.1%), and lower high temperature strength. But the thermal shock resistance of bonite castable is more than 30 times, 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight and it shows slight permanent linear expansion after firing at 1500 ℃, and the linear expansion rate is 0.59%.

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