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Cheap Black Silicon Carbide Factory USA

There are two kinds of dressing silicon carbide price: dressing wheel and dressing grinding stone. Among them, dressing wheel is used for motor dressing, more for dry grinding and external grinding, and also for centerless grinding and internal grinding. The glass beads supplier processing roughness of sintered corundum abrasive tool can reach about 12 grades.

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The sintered corundum abrasive tool is a kind of white fused alumina microcrystalline polymer which is formed by mixing the ground alumina powder with a small amount of additives and sintered at high temperature. In many developed countries, the output of resin abrasive has caught up with or exceeded the output of ceramic abrasive. The resin is required to be thermosetting resin in the manufacturing of pink corundum tools.(cheap black silicon carbide factory usa)

Therefore, it is particularly suitable for processing workpieces with large quantities, strict shape requirements and white aluminum oxide high interchangeability requirements. Such as watches, instrument parts, small cutting tools, tools, etc. Because it is composed of many microcrystals, after dressing with diamond tools, it can form a sharp cutting edge with equal height, so it can reliably guarantee the surface roughness of the green carborundum workpiece being grinded.

(cheap black silicon carbide factory usa)Sintered white corundum have compact structure, high strength and hardness, and can keep sharp edge and correct geometry in grinding process. Sintered corundum abrasives include grinding wheel, grinding head and grinding stone as common abrasives. This kind of abrasive generally has no difference in grain size, workability and bond. The silicon carbide companies made of synthetic resin or natural resin are called resin bonded abrasives for short.

Compared with ceramic abrasives, resin bonded abrasives started later. In the early 19th century, Indians began to use natural resin to make some simple brown fused alumina price, while synthetic resin bonded abrasives developed with the development of chemical industry after the 1920s. Resin abrasive has many unique advantages, so in many arc fused alumina grinding processes, it has gradually replaced part of the ceramic abrasive or rubber abrasive, so it has developed rapidly.

(cheap black silicon carbide factory usa)Mixed white alumina is a simple method of tempering, which makes it have the advantages of two or more abrasives, so as to improve the grinding performance. These resins include phenolic resin, polymer resin, polyvinyl acetal, polyethylene, polyamide, etc. Phenolic resin powder is a kind of linear thermoplastic resin. Under the action of hardener (Urotropine, etc.), it can be transformed into network or shape thermosetting resin by fused alumina heating.

Therefore, a certain proportion of hardener has been added to the resin in the black corundum process of crushing and screening to become thermosetting resin powder that can be cured by heating. The dosage of hardener (Urotropine) is generally controlled in the range of 6% ~ 10%. The softening point, black oxide aluminum particle size composition, free phenol content and hardener content of phenolic resin powder obviously affect the mechanical properties of abrasive tools.(cheap black silicon carbide factory usa)

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