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There are three kinds of cracks: internal crack, axial crack and field straight crack(pink aluminum oxide). Internal crack: bending or straight crack like "chicken claw" or "herringbone" on the transverse macro specimen. There are uneven "chicken claw" or "herringbone" cracks on the transverse fracture surface(white grain aluminum oxide a 220). This kind of defect cannot be welded by rolling again. In severe cases, the center of the body splits radially outward.

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On the longitudinal fracture surface, due to the influence of hot working, the crack is smooth plane(white fused alumina). The gas port is divided into subcutaneous gas robe and internal bubble. Decarburization of steel surface will greatly reduce surface hardness and wear resistance, and reduce bearing life and fatigue limit of spring steel(white aluminium oxide grit suppliers). Therefore, the decarburization layer is specified in the standards of tool steel, bearing steel and spring steel.

(cheap black silicon carbide manufacturers belgium)There are also cracks caused by improper heating and cooling of steel(white aluminum oxide). The subcutaneous bubbles on the transverse macroscopical test piece only exist at the edge of the test piece, which are vertical to the surface or radial fine cracks, and some are round or oval black spots(aluminum oxide sandblast media). However, if the finishing process is not reasonable and the steel is straightened without heat treatment, it is easy to produce straightening cracks.

Axial crystal crack: a kind of spider like intermittent crack(black aluminum oxide), also known as arachnoid crack, is located at the axial center of the transverse macro specimen. Under the microscope, some cracks have decarburization. There are many forms of cracks, such as forging cracks and cracks caused by thermal stress when steel keys condense(silicon carbide abrasive). The side walls of the cracks are generally clean, and sometimes there is oxidation phenomenon.(cheap black silicon carbide manufacturers belgium)

When the hot rolled steel is hot rolled, it is called as the steel with high carbide segregation(white corundum). Heating makes the steel surface lose all or part of the carbon content, resulting in the steel surface than the internal carbon content reduction, known as decarburization. Internal cracks often occur in martensite(aluminum oxide polishing powder), riemannite, high speed steel, high chromium steel and high carbon stainless heat-resistant steel with dual phase structure.

(cheap black silicon carbide manufacturers belgium)In the process of steel key condensation of high speed steel and ledeburite alloy tool steel(white aluminium oxide), due to the fact that the cooling speed is fast and the temperature continues to drop, the remaining molten steel will react together to form fishbone like ledeburite, which is distributed in the steel in a network way(green silicon carbide). The non-uniform distribution of carbides formed in this way is usually called the non-uniformity of carbides.

When the steel is straightened after slow cooling or heat treatment, cracks will not occur(brown fused alumina price). The uneven distribution of carbides will cause the cracks after heat treatment, and the red hardness and wear resistance of the cutting tool will be decreased due to the uneven carbon content, and the edge chipping and tooth breaking will be caused(white corundum powder). The decarburized part of steel surface is called decarburization layer.(cheap black silicon carbide manufacturers belgium)

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