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China's bauxite resources are not very rich. The black silicon carbide powder country distribution of world bauxite reserves is given. China's bauxite reserves account for only 1.5% of world reserves. The equilibrium state diagram of Na2O-Al2O3-H2O system can specifically show the silicon carbide abrasive grit relationship between each component and temperature. Line C is the solubility curve of NaOH · H2O in sodium aluminate solution. 

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Crystal morphology and its physical and chemical properties can be roughly divided into two categories. The solubility of brown fused alumina price in sodium hydroxide solution is usually expressed in grams per liter (g / L). The solution on each line segment is in equilibrium with a certain solid phase, with a degree of freedom of 1. It shows that as the concentration of NaOH solution increases, the carborundum grit solubility of gibbsite in it becomes more and more.

The average per capita reserve of bauxite in the world is 4,000 kg, black corundum compared with 283 kg in China. There are data reports on the degree of guarantee for 2010 demand of 45 major minerals in China, and 10 kinds of minerals are not guaranteed, including bauxite. According to the current growth rate of 120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media production and waste in the mining and utilization of bauxite, even considering the prospective reserves, the guaranteed life of China's bauxite is difficult to reach 50 years.

Therefore, China's pink corundum bauxite resources exploration should be actively carried out and the existing bauxite resources should be reasonably mined and utilized to ensure the sustainable development of China's alumina industry and the diaspore bauxite in China's bauxite. Granular crystals. About 95% of its total, the crystal size is generally 0.009 ~ 0.055mm, it is gray, black, tan, reddish brown, etc., Mohs hardness 6.68, green silicon carbide density 3.25.

Study on the relationship between the solubility of white fused alumina in sodium hydroxide solution and the concentration and temperature of the solution, as well as the solid and liquid composition under different conditions, is of great significance to the production of alumina. For the equilibrium state diagram of Na2O-Al2O3-H2O system, there have been many studies at home and abroad. The carborundum abrasives equilibrium state diagram of the system can be expressed in rectangular coordinates or in equilateral triangles.

The isothermal cross-section diagram of the white aluminum oxide equilibrium state of Na2O-Al2O3-H2O system at 30 ° C in rectangular coordinates is shown in the figure. The OBCD curve is obtained by successively connecting the composition points of each equilibrium solution, that is, the solubility isotherm of aluminum oxide blasting media in a sodium hydroxide solution at 30 ° C. The solubility isotherm can be considered to be composed of three line segments of OB, BC and CD.

The molar ratio of Na2O: Al2O3 at any point on the OE line in the figure is equal to 1. Points B and C are two invariant points, white corundum which means that the solution is in equilibrium with two solid phases at the same time, with zero degrees of freedom. Studies on the Na2O-Al2O3-H2O system at 30 ° C have proven that the silicon carbide abrasive solid phase in equilibrium with the solution on the OB line is gibbsite, so the OB line is the solubility curve of gibbsite in sodium hydroxide solution. 

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