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Cheap Black Silicon Carbide Manufacturers Germany

Due to the influence of temperature sudden change(white alumina), the lining around the tap hole and the furnace mouth area is generally constructed by using the fused magnesia brick or tar with good thermal shock resistance combined with stable dolomite brick. In addition, the converter brick size also needs to be designed reasonably(silicon carbide abrasive), which is of great significance to improve lining life and reduce refractory consumption.

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As a result of the above measures, the life of the furnace lining has been doubled and the consumption of refractories has been reduced by half(black corundum). The bottom of converter is heavily impacted and worn by machinery, but it is far away from high temperature area and not easy to oxidize. Therefore, the common basic brick masonry is used to meet the requirements of smelting process(glass beads manufacturers). The furnace bottom is made of tar dolomite bricks and fired dolomite bricks, each of which is 250mm thick.

However, when bottom blowing is adopted in converter, there are many holes in the bottom lining, which is easy to produce eddy current and damage the bottom(pink corundum). Therefore, high quality alkaline bricks should be used for masonry. The permanent lining of converter is slightly damaged. Dolomite brick or ordinary magnesia brick is generally used for masonry, all of which are made of unburned synthetic dolomite bricks(green silicon carbide); with a thickness of 114-150 mm and a service life of 1-2 years.

Among them, the magnesia brick is directly combined with fused magnesia, which has good thermal shock resistance and is generally used in tap hole and other parts(brown fused alumina). Thd-sdh brick is made of coarse-grained magnesia dolomite sand, while the id-me brick is made of fused magnesia(garnet abrasive price). Tar dolomite brick and brand thd-sd brick are used in general parts, and most of the rest parts are built with magnesia dolomite brick, with good effect.

Most of the oxygen converter linings in the west section are tar dolomite brick (TBL)(brown aluminum oxide), light burned tar dolomite brick (TD), rich magnesium dolomite brick (TBE) and light burned magnesia dolomite brick (TE). Recently, tar magnesia brick (TBM), light burned tar magnesia brick (TM) and impregnated burnt magnesia brick (FM) are also used(glass bead abrasive); recently, asphalt combined or impregnated square magnesia brick (FTM) is also used in American oxygen converter.

The thickness of the corner of the furnace bottom is 630-720mm and the thickness of the tapping side is 450-540mm(brown aluminium oxide), Nine sizes of basic bricks are selected for a 110t top blown oxygen converter in a Japanese factory to build a comprehensive furnace lining, of which the thinnest part is 360mm and the thickest part is 900mm(buy brown fused alumina). If a converter chooses 3-5 kinds of basic bricks of different materials or sizes from them to build a comprehensive furnace lining.

The thickness of the charging side is 540mm(brown fused alumina price), and the impact part of molten iron or scrap steel is thickened to 900mm, which is built with burnt magnesia dolomite brick; the damage of the trunnion area on both sides is different, the thickness of one side is 540mm, and the thickness of the other side is 450mm, which is also built with burnt magnesia dolomite brick(steel shot abrasive); the steel outlet and furnace mouth are lined with magnesia brick, it can achieve better use effect.

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