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Cheap Black Silicon Carbide Manufacturers Japan

This kind of brick has the advantages of simple manufacture and the disadvantages of small component size and poor building stability, so it is difficult to further reduce the grid hole and brick thickness to expand the heating surface(white alumina). Then it developed into perforated brick, which is a cell composed of round, square, flat, angular lip, rhombus or hexagonal holes, among which 5-hole brick and 7-hole brick are commonly used(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers).

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In order to avoid blocking the lattice hole, the structure of the pillar and furnace operator should be suitable for the lattice hole, so the pillar should be made hollow, as shown in the figure(black corundum). At present, except for the combustion type, the newly built internal combustion type is not used. China's lattice brick began to use flat brick, each lattice hole is composed of four flat bricks(glass beads manufacturers). In terms of structural form, sleeve type and grid type are commonly used.

The advantages of this type of brick are good building stability(pink corundum), fast masonry and large heating surface (the thickness of the brick often drops to about 30mm). In order to cause air flow disturbance and increase the heating surface, people can add filler, increase the flange, or make a hole with taper (which is also the requirement of manufacturing), or make a rectangular hole(garnet abrasive price), each layer or 9 layers turn 90 ° to build. Brick arch structure can also be used in small hot blast furnace.

Especially in the upper part of the regenerator, this kind of chemical erosion is more prominent(brown fused alumina). All lattice bricks in the regenerator are supported on the pillar by furnace operator. When the temperature of waste gas does not exceed 350C or 400C for a short time, ordinary cast iron can work stably(glass bead abrasive). When the temperature of waste gas is high, heat-resistant cast iron (ni0.4% ~ 0.8%, cr0.6% ~ 1.0%) or high silicon heat-resistant cast iron can be used.

There are many kinds of burners(brown aluminum oxide). The height of the pillar shall meet the clearance requirements for installing the flue and cold air pipe, and at the same time, ensure the smooth air flow. The number of furnace operators is the same as the number of pillars, and the maximum dimension of furnace operators should be able to enter and exit from the flue(silicon carbide abrasive). The burner is used to mix gas and air and send them to the combustion chamber for combustion.

First of all, it is required to have sufficient combustion capacity (i.e. combustion rate), i.e. the amount of gas and combustion supporting air required for feeding(brown aluminium oxide), mixing and combustion per unit time, and the amount of flue gas generated, so as not to cause excessive head loss (i.e. energy consumption); second, it should have sufficient adjustment range, and the excess air coefficient can be adjusted within the range of 1.05 ~ 1.50(green silicon carbide).

The high efficiency checker brick should be made of high quality refractory, and the corresponding purification measures should be taken for blast furnace gas(brown fused alumina price). Gas and air should not be burned and tempered in the burner, but should be mixed quickly and evenly outside the burner, and burned completely and stably(steel shot abrasive). Flame burners are used in internal combustion and external combustion hot blast furnaces, short combustion or flameless burners are used in top combustion hot blast furnaces.

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