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The third distribution of gas flow is formed here, and the smelting behavior of blast furnace can be seen from the other side of the gas curve of furnace throat(white alumina). Le cooling equipment has special cooling equipment such as water spray cooling, cooling wall and cooling water tank, as well as special equipment such as tuyere, slag port and hot air valve(carborundum abrasives). Due to the severe impact and friction of the furnace charge, steel bricks are generally made of steel castings.

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The shape and size of the throat vary with the conditions of the raw materials used in the blast furnace(black corundum). In order to make the charge drop smoothly and the gas rise continuously, the furnace shaft should have a certain inclination (usually expressed by the shaft angle β), so as to facilitate the proper development of the edge gas(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The lining is not only affected by high temperature, but also by the chemical slow corrosion and erosion of slag iron.

Blast furnace smelting process includes raw material preparation, blast heating, gas cleaning, smelting process control and smelting product processing(pink corundum). Generally, the ratio of throat diameter to waist diameter (D1 / D) is 0.69-0.72, and its height is within 3M. In normal production, the throat temperature is 400 ~ 500C(carborundum grit). Furnace body: mainly plays the role of preheating, heating, reduction and slagging. A series of physical and chemical changes have taken place here.

When the furnace body angle is too large, the edge gas will not develop, and the suspension accident will occur, causing the furnace not to go smoothly(brown fused alumina); on the contrary, if the furnace body angle is too small, a large number of gas will run away from the edge, the utilization of gas energy becomes poor, the ore will not be fully heated and reduced, so that the coke ratio increases(green carborundum). The slag has been partially reduced and formed here, so the air permeability is poor.

The working environment of hearth is the worst(brown aluminum oxide). Therefore, the proper furnace shaft angle is very important, generally 83 ° ~ 85 ° / is suitable. In order to make full use of the heat and chemical energy of the gas, the shaft angle of the small blast furnace should be slightly larger; on the contrary, the shaft angle should be slightly smaller(silicon carbide abrasive grit). Waist: it plays the role of buffer rising gas flow. The waist height is not easy to be too high. A large blast furnace is generally about 2m, such as 1000m.

The waist height of blast furnace is only 616mm(brown aluminium oxide). Bosh: connected to the hearth and waist. It is suitable for the increase of gas volume and the reduction of slag iron volume. The inclination of the bosh (with angle a) should also be appropriate. In order to improve the aeration of the charge (there are both liquid slag iron and solid coke in this part), the bosh angle also tends to expand(brown aluminum oxide factory). Generally, the bosh angle of large and medium blast furnace is between 80 ° and 82 °.

In addition, the temperature in the furnace abdomen is very high, and a large number of slag is formed, so the slag erosion is serious, and it is a weak link in the blast furnace(brown fused alumina price). Hearth and bottom: mainly used to burn coke and store slag iron. With the increase of smelting strength, the hearth diameter is also expanding(silicon carbide price). In particular, the temperature in the blast furnace is the highest, so the furnace waist diameter has the potential of gradually expanding.

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