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Cheap Black Silicon Carbide Powder Price Malaysia

The results of the melting test on the Guangxi Pingguo Mine show that: the bauxite-type bauxite is difficult to dissolve(silicon carbide abrasive). The aluminum-silicon ratio (A / S) of red mud is still high, around 2, which makes the technical and economic indicators of alumina production lag behind, and improving the dissolution performance of bauxite is the fundamental way to solve this problem(green silicon carbide).

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After calcination at 500 ~ 625 ° C, the boehmite is dehydrated and transformed into amorphous alumina and poorly crystalline corundum(white fused alumina), which increases its chemical activity. Many research results at home and abroad have proved that roasting bauxite under appropriate conditions is an effective way to improve the chemical activity of oxides(pink corundum). When dissolving in the Bayer process, a higher temperature, a higher caustic concentration and a longer time must be used. 

However, the process is still far from industrial applications, and the impact of high silicon on the process has not been fundamentally resolved(white aluminum oxide). The author hopes that through the high-temperature hydrogen treatment of bauxite, the ferrous iron of the bauxite will be partially reduced to the magnetite Fe3O4(aluminum oxide abrasive), so that the dissolved red mud can be easily separated magnetically, thereby strengthening the dissolution reaction of Al2O3 and the role of lime and titanium minerals.

For example, the chemical activity of a-Al2O3 obtained by sintering bauxite at about 500 ° C is very different from that of alumina produced in nature or a-Al2O3 obtained by calcining aluminum hydroxide at 1200 ° C(white corundum). Bauxite is different, that is, the former is much more active than the latter(aluminum oxide grit), so calcining monohydrate bauxite at an appropriate temperature can accelerate the dissolution process and increase the dissolution rate of alumina.

For example, if the mother liquor of Na2O is 200g / 1 and MR is 3.20, the amount of lime added is 7.5% of the original ore mass, and it dissolves at 200 ° C for 50min(brown fused alumina price). The dissolution rate of the original ore Al2O3 is only 50%, and at 525 ° C The Al2O3 dissolution rate of the roasted ore for 25 minutes at the lower roasting rate was above 91%(synthetic corundum), the relative dissolution rate of Al2O3 can reach 70% to 75% at a dissolution temperature of 230 to 240 ° C.

A new process was proposed: lump ore, pressure crushing ore, suspension composting, wet milling ingredients, and Bayer dissolution(white alumina). This process is of practical significance for improving the recovery of alumina and reducing the dissolution temperature and the amount of alkali(emery abrasive). At the same time, calcination destroys the structure of impurity minerals, especially titanium minerals and boehmite, and increases the porosity and reaction surface.

Zhao Hengqin et al(black corundum). Carried out studies on the enhancement of leaching and dissolution of low-iron-hydrous bauxite types such as Xin'an Mine in Henan, Qingzhen Mine in Guizhou, Xiaoyi Mine in Shanxi, and Xihedi High Alumina Mine in Xiaoyi, Shanxi. It is proved that the dissolution performance of roasted ore is much better than that of the original ore, according to the ingredients MR is 1(garnet abrasive).6, and even without adding Ca.

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