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The function of the furnace is to insulate and withstand high-temperature loads(brown fused alumina). Therefore, when determining the material and thickness of the furnace lining at each part, the temperature, load, and insulation requirements of the masonry and the physical and chemical effects of smoke on the masonry Subject to conditions(green silicon carbide). The heat insulation layer below the high temperature area is 113mm diatomite brick.

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Generally, clay bricks and high alumina bricks are used(brown aluminum oxide). Refractory materials for high temperature areas at the upper 30% ~ 40% height should have good resistance to end transformation and erosion resistance. The filler layer is mixed with water slag or water slag diatom, and vermiculite powder can also be used. Generally made of 345mm thick refractory bricks(aluminum oxide abrasive). The insulation materials of the vaults and upper walls are generally diatomite bricks or lightweight. Clay brick.

The lower part of the oven furnace is a cylinder, and the top is a hemisphere(brown aluminium oxide). The shape of the arch roof is mostly hemispherical, which can prevent the furnace shell from lateral thrust, and the weight of the furnace roof is positively pressed on the large wall by the arch feet to maintain the stability of the structure(aluminum oxide grit). Domestically, high-aluminum bricks containing Al2O3 greater than 65% are used, and foreign countries contain SiO2, 94% ~ 96% silicon brick or Al2O3, 72% to 76% mullite brick.

According to experiments, under the conditions of 0.2 MIPa, 1550 (50 h, the former creep rate is 0% to 0.5%, the latter is 0.1% to 0.3%(brown fused alumina price). Therefore, the creep resistance is good. The brick used for the vault is resistant to thermal shock It is better to avoid peeling and cracking(synthetic corundum). When selecting insulation materials, special attention should be paid to the hot surface temperature of the work should not be higher than its allowable temperature.

The big wall is the surrounding wall of the furnace body of the hot blast stove, and the furnace lining includes bricklaying, a filler layer, and a thermal insulation layer(white alumina). For the middle and lower bricks, the compressive strength should be considered. Fill 50 ~ 90mm thick insulation filler layer between the two kinds of heat insulation bricks, or use 70% water slag and 30% asbestos, or use water slag, diatom, powder, vermiculite powder, etc(emery abrasive).

Between the wall of the hot blast stove and the furnace shell(black corundum), the insulation layer of the diatomite brick with a thickness of 65mm is in contact with the furnace shell, and a dry slag filler layer of 60 ~ 145mm thickness is between the insulation layer and the large wall(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). In order to reduce heat loss, a layer of light-weight 113mm or 230mm thick bricks was added to the refractory bricks in the upper high-temperature area to enhance thermal insulation.

Brick joints should be less than 2mm(pink corundum). In order to ensure the seal, the furnace shell and the bottom sealing plate are welded into an airtight whole. The vault is the space connecting the combustion chamber and the heat storage chamber(100 grit aluminum oxide). It should maintain the stability of the structure under the action of high temperature air flow, and meet the requirements that the high temperature flue gas flow enters the heat storage chamber uniformly during combustion.

In view of the fact that the vault is supported on the large wall, the large wall is thermally expanded and easily damaged due to compression(silicon carbide abrasive). Therefore, the vault is separated from the large wall and supported on a ring beam to form a mushroom-shaped vault(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). The first layer of bricks in the lower part of the vault is arched bricks, which are usually reinforced with steel rings, so that the furnace shell is less affected by horizontal forces.

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