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As asphalt and resin each have their own characteristics, people hope to obtain the most ideal performance and structure by mixing the two(white fused alumina). Magnesia raw material is the main raw material for the production of magnesia carbon bricks. The properties of magnesia have an extremely important influence on the performance of magnesia carbon bricks(green silicon carbide). It is imperative to vigorously develop and popularize magnesium carbon bricks.

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How to properly select the raw materials of magnesia is an important issue in the production of magnesia carbon bricks(white aluminum oxide). The experience of using magnesium carbon bricks as converter linings has confirmed that this material is suitable for converter steelmaking(aluminum oxide abrasive). The bulk density of magnesite and the grain size of periclase have a very important influence on the corrosion resistance of magnesia-carbon bricks. 

Magnesia-carbon brick is a new type of refractory material that emerged in the 1970s(white corundum). It is made of various carbonaceous binders. Brick not only maintains the advantages of carbon refractory materials, but also completely changes the previous alkaline refractory materials with poor spalling resistance and easily absorbs the inherent disadvantages of slag(aluminum oxide grit). Therefore, it is of great significance to improve the purity of graphite.

So far, converter steelmaking still uses a large amount of magnesium carbon bricks(brown fused alumina price). The application of magnesium carbon bricks has improved various converter technologies. Wooden economic indicators reduce the consumption of refractory materials. In addition, magnesium carbon brick is a non-fired product(synthetic corundum). Compared with the traditional fired magnesium dolomite brick, the fuel consumption is saved by at least 80%.

Therefore, it can reduce the degree of division of the periclase crystals by the silicate, improve the direct bonding degree of the periclase in the magnesia(white alumina). The content of MgO in magnesia has a great influence on the melting loss behavior of magnesia particles in molten slag and infiltration of molten slag(emery abrasive). The use of magnesium carbon bricks in converter steelmaking shows that in the future development of China's metallurgical industry.

China's natural magnesia is basically free of B4O5, which makes our magnesia very advantageous in manufacturing(black corundum). Increasing the area of converter furnaces in China, will completely reverse the long-term low furnace age of a large number of medium and small converters in China(garnet abrasive), and fully tap the production capacity of metallurgical equipment in China will play an important role, magnesium carbon bricks will have important strategic significance. 

The addition of Mg to the magnesia-carbon brick is conducive to the formation of a dense layer of periclase, which can improve the corrosion resistance of the magnesia-carbon brick(silicon carbide abrasive). The content of Mg is high, the content of impurities is relatively small, and the amount of silicate in the structure is also small(garnet suppliers). It is a non-burning refractory made of high-temperature dead-burned magnesia or fused magnesia and carbon materials.

If there are many impurities, especially the melting point of B2O3 compound 3Mg · B2O3 and 2MgO · B2O3 is only 1350C(pink corundum), it will greatly reduce the fire resistance of magnesia and lower the high temperature performance of MgO particles. Therefore, for the magnesia of magnesia-carbon brick, in particular, the B2O2 content must be strictly controlled below 0.7%(glass bead blasting media suppliers), and prevent the slag from infiltrating and melting the magnesite.

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