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Cheap Black Silicon Carbide Suppliers Germany

Sand blasting equipment plays an important role in the rust removal process, of course, there are many other industries, many silicon carbide companies products are used to sand blasting machine to remove rust. Zhaoshun machinery here for you to recommend two methods of derusting - sand blasting and shot blasting. Of course, shot blasting is also very demanding for silicon carbide price and abrasive materials.

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For example, the hardness of workpiece should be high, and the hardness of green carborundum sand particles should be strong. Sand blasting is to use compressed air to remove rust. The method of sand blasting can not only remove rust quickly, but also make conditions for the next steps of electroplating, anodizing, spraying, coating and spraying. From the beginning, every r times is set as a white aluminum oxide mesh size. Such a sequence constitutes a series of mesh sizes.(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers germany)

The surface of the pink aluminum oxide sandblasted workpiece is clean and has roughness, so as to improve the binding force between the covering layer and the product surface, which undoubtedly improves the efficiency of coating, anodizing, painting and electroplating. Of course, the clean and quiet effect after the attack is also very high. Therefore, the abrasive should have chemical stability to avoid chemical reaction with workpiece, white fused alumina bond and grinding coolant.

(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers germany)Shot blasting is that black aluminum oxide such as steel shot and steel ball falls on the impeller driven by the motor to rotate rapidly, and is thrown out by the centrifugal force of the impeller running at a high speed, so as to form high-speed sand materials and abrasives hit the product surface, so as to achieve the purpose of removing rust spots. The efficiency of this method is very high, the surface strength of the workpiece is larger, and the white fused alumina oxide mfg striking point is deeper.

Through the spray gun nozzle, the sand is hit to the rusty surface of the white aluminium oxide product at high speed. This method has been used in some places with strict anti-skid performance requirements. It has been used in other fields, but less in highway pavement treatment. Abrasive should have high temperature stability. In the process of buy brown fused alumina grinding, the contact area between abrasive and workpiece will produce a lot of heat, and the local temperature can be as high as 1500 ℃.

(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers germany)Therefore, the brown fused aluminum oxide should be able to maintain its inherent hardness and excellent mechanical properties under the high temperature generated by grinding. Abrasives shall be chemically stable. Under the high temperature of grinding, there is often a certain chemical reaction between the abrasive and the material to be processed. Grinding is not a simple mechanical process, white fused aluminum oxide chemical reaction also plays a very important role in it.

The sequence of series is called sieve sequence. In the F series, the national standard specifies that the white corundum grinding particle size number f4-f220 uses Ron = 2 ÷ ~ 1.1892 as the common ratio. That is to say, every four screen numbers, the basic size of the mesh is twice the difference. For example, the white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit mesh size of 30 screen is 600m, and it is separated from 50 * screen by four screen numbers, so the mesh size of 50 screen is 300um.(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers germany)

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