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The corundum sand particle size of abrasive refers to the particle size of abrasive. Abrasive can be divided into four groups according to its particle size: abrasive, grinding powder, micro powder and ultra micro powder. It has been proved that the fine aluminum oxide sandblasting media particles play a very small role in grinding. Sometimes it can also be converted into mesh number. 

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Among them, the particle size number of the two groups of abrasives, brown fused alumina and grinding powder, is expressed by the number of mesh on each inch of screen length, and its mark is to add the symbol in the upper right corner of the number of particle size number. For example, 240 × refers to 240 holes in each inch of screen length. The larger the black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit particle size is, the smaller the abrasive particles are.

(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers hungary)However, the particle size number of the two groups of brown aluminum oxide is expressed by the actual size of the particles, and the mark is to add a letter "W" in front of the particle size number. For example, W20 means that the actual size of abrasive particles is between 20 μ m and 14 μ m, which is 500 × with the mesh number. There are coarse, medium and fine black synthetic corundum particles in the particle size of various abrasives.

The particle size is not only harmful to the quality of the grinding workpiece, but also reduces the brown aluminium oxide grinding efficiency. The number of them should be minimized in the particle size composition. Therefore, from the efficiency of grinding and the quality of work, the abrasive particles are required to be uniform. The pink aluminium oxide group with particle size between 12 × and 80 × has larger particle size, which is not suitable for abrasive processing.(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers hungary)

After understanding the abrasive size, let's take a look at the size selection of diamond abrasive: the abrasive size is a measure of the size of brown fused alumina price. Generally speaking, when grinding with coarse grinding wheel, the grinding efficiency is high, but the surface roughness of workpiece is poor; when aluminium oxide sandblasting grinding with fine grinding wheel, the surface roughness of workpiece is good, but the grinding efficiency is low.

(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers hungary)The choice of white alumina grinding wheel size directly affects the surface roughness and grinding efficiency. Semi fine grinding: it is used for surface, outer circle, inner circle, centerless grinding and other rough grinding, applicable to 36 × 5-54 × 5. Ultra precision grinding: precision grinding, ultra precision grinding, mirror grinding, etc., suitable for high purity fused aluminum oxide W20 fine.

After centrifugal separation, the grinding capacity of the black corundum grinding powder will be increased by 20% before the separation. In a word, on the premise of meeting the requirements of workpiece surface roughness, we should try to choose the black alumina with coarse grain size to ensure high grinding efficiency. Rough grinding: rough grinding of ingots, forged castings, leather and wood, cutting of billets, etc., applicable to 12 × 3-30 × 3.(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers hungary)

Medium particle is the basic pink corundum particle size in abrasive powder, which is the main factor to determine the abrasive grinding ability and occupies a large proportion in the composition. General fine grinding: for inner circle, outer circle, plane, centerless, tool grinder and all kinds of special grinder, applicable to 60 × 10-100 × 10. Fine grinding: aluminum oxide for sand blaster used for fine grinding, honing, thread, etc., suitable for 120 × 10-w20.

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