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Cheap Black Silicon Carbide Suppliers In China

I often hear some friends ask what black corundum is, whether it is black silicon carbide, black corundum or brown corundum, simply write an article to elaborate the difference between black corundum and black silicon carbide. It is mainly used for polishing and sandblasting of stainless steel, metal products, optical glass, bamboo and wood products. The roasting material contains a certain amount of common salt. 

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First of all, let's look at the definition of silicon carbide abrasive: green silicon carbide, also known as low-alumina corundum, is a kind of ash with α-Al2O3 and iron spinel as the main ore phase prepared by melting bauxite in an electric arc furnace. Black crystals are characterized by a low Al2O3 content and a certain amount of Fe2O3 (about 10%), so they have the characteristics of moderate hardness, high toughness, high temperature resistance, and stable thermal performance.

(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers in china)Second, let's look at the definition of white alumina: white alumina is based on quartz sand, stone tar, and high-quality silica as the main raw materials, and is smelted through a high-temperature resistance furnace. Its hardness is between corundum and diamond, its mechanical strength is higher than that of pink corundum, its brittleness and sharpness. The main component of silicon carbide is SiC. Black silicon carbide contains about 95% SiC.

Most of it is used to white fused alumina process materials with low tensile strength, such as glass, ceramics, stone, refractory materials, cast iron, and non-ferrous metals. It is mostly used for free grinding, such as rough grinding by the grinder before electroplating. The new charge method has less fluctuations in the composition of the charge, and the formula of the charge is more stable. Compared with the method of roasting, the quality of the aluminum oxide abrasive product is more stable.(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers in china)

It is also a new white aluminum oxide for manufacturing resin wheels, cutting blades, and abrasive cloth. Finally, we summarize some of the statements about black corundum: black silicon carbide Mohs hardness 9.2, black corundum Mohs hardness 9.0-9.1, black silicon carbide is slightly brittle; black corundum, aluminum oxide grit, and black silicon carbide are not bad. The bad points mainly depend on where it is applied; black corundum is not cubic boron nitride, and the molecular formula of cubic boron nitride is BN.

(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers in china)However, the composition of the roasting material in each furnace fluctuates greatly, so that the recipe of the white corundum furnace material in each furnace must be readjusted. Moreover, the roasting material from one furnace should be just enough to be loaded into the next furnace, otherwise, the mixing of the roasting materials from different furnaces will affect the correctness of the recipe adjustment and affect the synthetic corundum product quality. Its toughness is higher than that of green silicon carbide. 

The new material method puts the new material directly in the reaction zone of the resistance furnace to smelt brown fused alumina price. Therefore, the reaction material configured with the calcined material has less added salt than the new material method. Combining the advantages and disadvantages of the two production processes, the new emery abrasive material method is more suitable for black silicon carbide, and the baking material method is more suitable for green silicon carbide.(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers in china)

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