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The speed of the 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media roller should not be high, because the high speed not only increases the power consumption but also accelerates the wear of the roller shell and increases the fine powder. The speed of crushing hard materials is preferably 2 ~ 2.5m / s. The stronger the spring, the better. For crushing hard materials such as brown fused alumina manufacturer, the spring has lost its insurance effect. 

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Under the condition that the strength and rigidity of the equipment are sufficient, the steel shot abrasive spring can be cancelled and replaced with an overloaded steel sheet or other insurance facilities, which can improve work. Efficiency, and make the discharge uniform, reducing fine powder. The low density white alumina reason why the ball mill is widely used is because of its simple structure, convenient operation and the required fineness, the ball and the cylinder Broken down.

(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers indonesia)Different crushing methods have different processing processes, technical and economic effects. The white fused alumina roller shell should be made of high-hardness wear-resistant materials, such as high-manganese steel (containing 10% to 15% manganese) and high-carbon steel, otherwise it will cause inconvenience to maintenance. When white fused alumina manufacturer using a ball mill to crush various hardness materials, the crushing ratio is very large, usually 200 ~ 300.

The principle of the ball mill crushing is that after the ball mill is started, the glass bead abrasive material is continuously added into the ball mill from the feeder through the hollow shaft sleeve at one end of the ball mill. (Depending on the rotation speed of the cylinder), when the weight of the steel ball and the centrifugal force generated are equal, and the material is strongly hit by the steel ball and the mutual grinding action between the white fused alumina suppliers material.(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers indonesia)

The white aluminum oxide crushed material falls to the control screen through the conical hole of the liner and the protective plate. Because the feed block size of the ball mill with sieve requires about 40mm, it should be crushed by a jaw crusher before the ball mill. The third stage of crushing uses a 1900mm × 990mm ball mill with a screen, the feeding block size is about 40mm, and the aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit particle size of the discharge is about 1.0mm.

(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers indonesia)At this time, the required particle size falls into the collection barrel through the mesh, garnet abrasive price and the material with a particle size larger than the screen hole is returned to the ball mill to be crushed again. Obviously, compared with the roll crushing method, a single ball mill with a sieve can simultaneously complete the multiple steps of the roll crusher and the 46 grit aluminum oxide control and screening process. Jaw Crusher and Screened Ball.

The first stage uses a 900mm × 600mm white corundum particle crusher with a feed block size of about 500mm and a discharge block size of 125mm. The first stage has a crushing ratio; = 4. The second stage crushing adopts a jaw crusher of 400mm × 250mm, the feeding block degree is about 125mm, the discharging block degree is 40mm, the steel ball falls along the parabolic direction, and the 1200 grit aluminum oxide crushing ratio is 2 = 3.1.(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers indonesia)

The particle size of the ball mill with a screen can be controlled by adjusting the screen size. The glass beads manufacturers crushing process is simple, the degree of feeding is large, and the labor intensity of the crushing process will be correspondingly reduced, which greatly improves the labor conditions of the crushing process. A 100 grit aluminum oxide media block with a block size of less than 500 mm was quantitatively fed to a self-grinding machine of 4 × 1.2 m by a feeding system.

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