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When salt is added in the refining of green silicon carbide, the purer the charge is, the less it will be added. Generally, no salt is added when smelting black silicon carbide. If there are many impurities in the raw materials, 2% ~ 3% can be added to increase the furnace output, and there is a certain amount of salt in the compensation materials, so it is less than the new material method.

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Because the melting point of salt is low (800 ℃), and only a small amount of salt vapor diffuses from bottom to top, 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media from inside to outside. In foreign countries, a large number of returned materials are used as deoxidizers and refractories for steelmaking, while in domestic, they are mostly used for 60 grit aluminum oxide smelting in order to increase furnace output. Reaction material can be divided into upper material, lower material and middle material. 

(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers japan)The amount of material added to the furnace is not very strict, some reaction areas contain more, brown fused alumina price which depends on the inventory. The basis of proportioning calculation is the chemical analysis results of raw materials and the charge formula specified in the process. The white alumina fractional part of each mixing quantity shall be rounded. Therefore, more salt should be added to the upper part and less salt should be added to the lower part. 

The advantage of centralized feeding is that the white fused alumina recycle material is installed in the reasonable part of the electric furnace and can be fully utilized. The disadvantage is that the composition changes greatly, and it is easy to cause poor crystallization and excessive carbon and silicon. In order to meet the needs of black corundum production, the charge layout drawing uses numbers to indicate the charge formula at corresponding positions.(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers japan)

The pink corundum methods of adding are big mix method, centralized adding method and semi centralized adding method. In contrast to the centralized feeding method, the big mixing method has the disadvantage that some reactants are out of the reaction zone and mixed into the insulating white alumina powder material, so that a small amount of recycled material can not be fully utilized. The semi concentration method is between the two, some are not even added.

Calculation steps: calculate the total weight of each part of the charge according to the white aluminum oxide effective size of the furnace body and the stacking density of the charge specified in the process. According to the capacity of the mixer, determine the mixing quantity and mixing times each time. According to the formula, silicon carbide price some are less, the amount of sawdust, salt, recycled material and melted material in each material is calculated.

(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers japan)Finally, the addition amount of arc fused alumina and petroleum coke is calculated according to the formula: g = q × 10-m-s-w. The carbon loss caused by cold water cooling, flying during transportation and high temperature oxidation is considered when using the melting method, it mainly flows from top to bottom in the alumina abrasive furnace, so the carbon silicon ratio of the compensation material is slightly higher. 

The total mass of each white corundum material is not necessarily the rated capacity of the mixer, as long as it is close to the rated capacity. The charge in the reaction zone is called reaction charge, there are many impurities, and the charge in the heat preservation zone is called heat preservation charge. The mixing times are rounded. The commonly used burden calculation in glass beads supplier actual production is a simple algorithm of reactant.(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers japan)

Traditionally, the reactants below the horizontal line of the lower edge of the fused alumina furnace core are called lower reactants, the reactants above the horizontal line of the upper edge of the furnace core are called upper reactants, and the reactants on both sides of the furnace core are called middle reactants or side reactants. After a long period of black oxide aluminum production, the approximate composition of each ingredient is well known. 

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