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Cheap Black Silicon Carbide Suppliers South Korea

Its main chemical composition is aluminum oxide (Al2O3), iron oxide (Fe2O3), and some silica, titanium dioxide and other ingredients. Because silicon carbide price is a wear-resistant product specially made by man-made control, the good consistency of its internal composition and crystallization condition ensures the relatively stable performance of the 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media product. 

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From the microstructure of brown fused alumina, alumina particles, which are mainly used for grinding and polishing, are dispersed in a microcrystalline state, and surrounded by a relatively low strength silicon oxide, which is similar to the structure of stacked abrasives. Black corundum has the advantages of green carborundum moderate softness and hardness, good self-sharpening, low grinding heat generated during grinding and polishing, and not easy to burn the surface of the workpiece. 

In the past ten years, the application of brown aluminum oxide has expanded to the fields of laying abrasion-resistant and anti-slip pavement, making resin abrasive tools, and making coated abrasive tools. Medium fine black Corundum grain size sand was originally mainly used for arc fused alumina sandblasting, grinding and polishing of various stainless steel, ordinary steel, bamboo, glass and other workpieces, especially stainless steel surface treatment. 

brown aluminium oxide is a kind of gray-black crystal with Al2O3 and iron spinel as the main ore phase. The production cost of black corundum is lower than that of brown corundum, white corundum, and even lower than commonly used abrasives such as calcined fused alumina and silicon carbide. Black corundum was originally used for grinding and polishing various stainless steel, ordinary steel, bamboo, glass and other workpieces, especially stainless steel workpieces.

Application practice in recent years has proven that abrasive tools made of high-hardness and durable abrasives such as black corundum composite brown fused alumina price, calcined black oxide aluminum, silicon carbide, single crystal corundum, zirconium corundum, and ceramic abrasives have even better performance! European countries, Hong Kong, and domestic economically developed regions have been used regularly for nearly a decade.

Polishing stainless steel workpieces with white alumina is not easy to burn the surface of the workpiece. After polishing, the surface of the workpiece shows a bright and uniform color of stainless steel itself. Unlike brown and alumina, it is easy to burn the workpiece after polishing, and it is easy to have black hair in some parts. Large dark color difference. 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight is still widely used in the field of grinding and polishing.

Black corundum sand is used for laying abrasion-resistant anti-skid pavements, bridge decks, and steep bends in parking lots. It has good abrasion-resistant and anti-skid properties. Black corundum is consistent in matte black color inside and outside, and is especially suitable for paving pavement bridges. Compared with the original pink corundum and silicon carbide aggregate, the floor has a very high cost performance advantage.

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