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Different from smelting brown corundum, smelting brown corundum mainly reduces SiO2 and Fe2O3 in bauxite to Si and Fe. However, the sub white corundum should not only reduce SiO2 and Fe2O3 to Si and Fe, but also reduce other oxides other than Al2O3, especially TiO2 in bauxite to Ti as much as possible. It is very complicated to use electrofusion plus carbon reduction process.

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The actual starting temperature of reduction reaction is different from the theoretical calculation, brown fused alumina price and the degree of reduction completion depends on the dynamic conditions, such as the purity selected, the mixing degree of ingredients, the amount and order of adding reductant, the power of electric furnace, furnace type and silicon carbide abrasive melting system, which all affect the reduction reaction speed. AC3 is a harmful impurity in the fused corundum.

(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers uk)In order to reduce TiO2 with relatively stable impurity and high reduction temperature, it is necessary to add excessive carbon, which will lead to Ag in the fused white alumina. Because a4c will be hydrolyzed to release methane (CH4) when it meets water or stored in humid air, which will make green silicon carbide particles powder. Therefore, decarbonization must be carried out in the later stage of smelting to eliminate the formation of alc3.

For example, adding decarburizer (iron scale) or blowing oxygen in the later stage of black corundum smelting can make the carbon in the melt react with decarburizer to generate CO gas and escape, thus eliminating the formation of Al4C3. lowing oxygen to decarbonize is an effective method, brown fused alumina manufacturer which will not bring any impurities. Therefore, the adjustment coefficient D is required to be greater than 1C% as the fixed carbon content in carbon materials.(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers uk)

Blowing oxygen into the melt can also be used to make carbon in the melt generate Co or CO2 to escape, so as to eliminate the formation of carbide. In addition, the addition of high-purity silica powder in the later stage of pink corundum smelting can also reduce and limit the formation of carbide and the content of free carbon in corundum. In the smelting of black silicon carbide with bauxite clinker, impurities are mainly removed by carbon reduction.

(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers uk)Not only SiO2, Fe2O3 and TiO2 are reduced, but also K2O, Na2O and MgO are reduced. In the white fused alumina smelting process, a small amount of carbon is directly burned into Co or CO2 to escape. Therefore, the amount of carbon materials added to smelting sub white corundum is larger than that of smelting brown corundum. An adjustment coefficient D is added to the calculation formula of smelting carbon distribution of 46 grit aluminum oxide.

That is to say, the white aluminum oxide materials (reducing agents) to be added for each 100kg of bauxite clinker reduction are: SiO2%, Fe2O3% and TiO2% respectively represent the content of SiO2, Fe2O3 and TiO2 in bauxite; D is the actual adjustment coefficient, because carbon is not only used to reduce SiO2, Fe2O3 and TiO2, but also to reduce K2O, Na2O and MgO. BHowever, aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit oxygen blowing device and pipe need to be added.(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers uk)

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