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Cheap Black Silicon Carbide Suppliers USA

Superhard abrasives are expensive, so they are different from common abrasives in structure. In order to save superhard abrasives, silicon carbide price give full play to the advantages of diamond and CBN abrasives, such as strong wear resistance and long service life, the working layer of diamond and CBN abrasives is made into a thin layer embedded on the non working layer of glass bead abrasive.

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Generally, diamond and CBN abrasives are composed of matrix, transition layer and pink corundum working layer. Reinforcement materials are used to make high-speed resin abrasive tools, and glass fiber, network cloth, nylon wire, etc. The pressing methods of pressing forming include order weight method (constant density method) and constant pressure method. The pressure of common green carborundum resin abrasive tool is relatively large, generally 150-400mpa.

(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers usa)The data in the formula depends on the proportion of white fused alumina, binder and pore. In order to make the proportion of the three reasonable, it is necessary to analyze the factors affecting the concentration. The abrasive concentration represents the volume of abrasive in the tool. The high concentration indicates that there are more abrasives in the same volume of abrasive tools, and more abrasives are involved in arc fused alumina grinding work in unit time.

According to the relationship among the three elements of white aluminum oxide tools, the concentration is too high, the combination dose is reduced, the control of diamond or CBN is not firm, it is easy to fall off prematurely, and it can not give full play to the role of each abrasive particle, resulting in fast wear and increased cost. If the combination dosage is more, the friction resistance will increase and the fused alumina grinding force will increase.(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers usa)

According to the white corundum grinding requirements, the appropriate concentration should be selected. According to the concentration, the combination dose should be selected: when the concentration is small, the combination dose is small; when the concentration is large, the combination dose increases, and the amount of filler decreases, so as to increase the thumb holding force on the black oxide aluminum, hardness and abrasive particle size of the formula.

(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers usa)When the roughness value is small, fine particles are used. High grinding efficiency is required, brown fused alumina price and coarse abrasive particles are used. The finer the abrasive particle size is, the larger the specific surface area is, the more dosage is needed, and the fine abrasive with the same porosity is softer than the coarse abrasive. In the same concentration of glass beads supplier, the hardness of the abrasives increases with the increase of the amount of binder.

However, if the combination dosage is too much, not only the hardness of the white alumina grinding tool will be improved little, but also the mixing and forming will be more difficult. In order to improve the hardness of abrasive tools, it is often used to increase the filler instead of the binder. In addition, the density (pressure) of abrasive tools can be increased by increasing the forming pressure; the concentration is too low, glass beads manufacturers and the number of abrasives involved in grinding is small. 

The formula of superhard grinding tools is still expressed by volume and mass fraction, and the dosage of each component of black corundum raw materials can be calculated respectively. The compression ratio K depends on the abrasive particle size and the hardness of the abrasive tool in the forming material, and its value is 1.4 ~ 2.0; the K value of the coarse abrasive tool is smaller, and the K value of the fine abrasive tool is larger, garnet abrasive price are added to the binder.(cheap black silicon carbide suppliers usa)

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