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The research electrode is a permeating layer, and the auxiliary electrode is a platinum bonded alloy(black aluminum oxide). The reference electrode is saturated calomel electrode (NaCl solution, including factory C) in pitting corrosion test, and saturated mercurous sulfate electrode is used in acid solution(aluminum oxide 40 grit). The thickness analysis affects the primary and secondary acbd, and aluminum is the main factor affecting the thickness of the infiltrated layer.

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Among the components of the infiltrating agent(white aluminium oxide), the relationship among the aluminum donor, boron donor, activator and filler has a great influence on the microstructure and penetration speed of the infiltration layer, which determines the quality and performance of the layer(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). The results show that the compactness analysis affects the primary and secondary bacd, and boron is the main factor affecting the compactness.

(cheap black silicon carbide wholesale suppliers italy)The thickness of the infiltrated layer is relatively thin(brown fused aluminum oxide), and there is no obvious transition boundary between the layer and the matrix. In order to further study the infiltration of aluminum and alloying elements in the infiltrating agent and the distribution of alloying elements along the infiltrating layer(black silicon carbide suppliers), the composition of the infiltrated layer was analyzed.

In order to solve the problem of oxidation and decarburization of the sample in the primary selection test of penetrant, the formula of self protective layer was designed to form a protective layer on the surface of the paste when heated in air(brown fused alumina grit). In order to obtain the anti-corrosion and wear-resistant layer, the compactness should be considered first, then the phase composition and the thickness of the layer should be considered(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh).

Boron has a tendency to promote the actual grain size of austenite to grow obviously, and the concentration gradient of carbon and boron exists in the transition layer(brown fused alumina). Therefore, there is no obvious boundary between the transition layer and the matrix. According to the different test schemes, the test surface is not bonded(black silicon carbide factory). The results show that when the content of turning sand in the penetrant is reduced to 24wt%, it can avoid bonding the sample.(cheap black silicon carbide wholesale suppliers italy)

Therefore, the primary and secondary factors should be determined according to the compactness(white aluminum oxide 120 grit), but the activator is the main factor of the phase composition, and the filler 1 is the secondary factor for each index. Therefore, through comprehensive consideration, the influence of four factors on the three indexes of the permeating layer is determined to be bacd, that is, turning sand, aluminum powder(aluminium oxide 36 grit), activator and filler graphite.

The wear-resistant layer should be dense boride layer and Fe2B single-phase type in principle(brown aluminum oxide). When the layer is bidirectional, the thickness of Feb phase should account for 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2 of the total thickness. The corrosion resistant layer can be single-phase or dual-phase, but it must be compact, and only slight porosity is allowed(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). Therefore, the anti-corrosion and wear-resistant layer must be compact, which can be single-phase Fe2B or dual-phase.

(cheap black silicon carbide wholesale suppliers italy)As long as the thickness of the infiltrated layer reaches 30um ~ 50um(pink aluminum oxide), the surface quality of the workpiece can be improved and the service life can be prolonged by 15. Moreover, Cr and Mo are the elements that reduce the Y region, hinder the diffusion of boron and reduce the depth of the layer. Therefore, the best content of a2b3c3d3 is chosen(high purity fused aluminum oxide), which is 6wt% aluminum powder, 24wt% borax, 5wt% activator and 15wt% graphite filler.

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