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Cheap Black Synthetic Corundum Suppliers In China

The pouring furnace body includes furnace bottom, furnace shell and pouring out liquid tank, etc. The aluminum oxide grit furnace body below the cylindrical shell is called the furnace bottom. It is made of 16-35mm thick steel plate by welding. It is mainly used for laying the bottom lining to form a molten pool containing fused aluminium oxide melt. The static load acting on the bottom of the furnace includes the furnace shell with lining brick and the molten pool with melt.

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The lower part of the brown fused alumina furnace bottom can be made into spherical or truncated cone shape, and the spherical furnace bottom can ensure the maximum strength. The ratio of chord length to radius of the furnace bottom fluctuates within the range of 0.78-0.82. Compared with the spherical furnace bottom, the truncated cone furnace bottom is easier to pink aluminum oxide manufacture, and channel steel welded reinforcing ribs are used outside the furnace bottom.(cheap black synthetic corundum suppliers in china)

The silicon carbide abrasive furnace body at the upper part of the furnace bottom is the furnace shell, and the inner side of the furnace shell is lined with refractory furnace lining. The shape of the furnace shell can be made into a cylindrical shape. Having a tapered or cylindrical section. In order to increase the rigidity, vertical or horizontal reinforcing plates can be welded on the white aluminum oxide abrasive furnace shell. In the middle of the furnace shell, a square groove shaped support ring welded by 30mm thick steel plate is used.

(cheap black synthetic corundum suppliers in china)The cooling water is provided in the interlayer, and the trunnion which can make the brown aluminum oxide furnace body rotate is installed on the support ring. A liquid outlet groove is arranged along the line of the furnace shell on the vertical surface with the ear axis. It is made of channel steel welded into a truncated cone shape, on which a graphite block is paved. The thickness of the steel plate of the liquid outlet groove is about half of the white fused aluminium oxide thickness of the steel plate of the furnace shell.

The dumping of electric furnace should incline 80 degrees to one side of the outlet tank. According to the driving mode of green carborundum dumping mechanism, it can be divided into two types: electromechanical type and hydraulic drive type. The features of the hydraulic transmission tilting mechanism are simple equipment, convenient maintenance and reliable operation. The pink fused alumina shell has a certain taper and is demoulded after lifting the shell.(cheap black synthetic corundum suppliers in china)

The brown fused aluminum oxide mechanical and electrical drive mechanism uses a motor to drive the furnace body to turn over through the reduction device and the trunnion on the re support ring, so as to achieve the purpose of furnace tilting. When the melt is discharged, the pouring angle of the furnace body is about 80 degrees, and the pouring speed is about 50 degrees / min. There are two types of structure of the aluminium oxide grit suppliers bag: turnover type and lifting type. 

(cheap black synthetic corundum suppliers in china)When the raw material is added, it is also impacted by the material. Therefore, the silicon carbide companies ladle shall not only bear the impact of the high-temperature melt, but also have the ability to resist the corrosion of ferroalloy solution. The difference between the two methods is that the way of removing the fuse block is different. The former is to turn down the fuse block and Ferroalloy by two eccentric turning over shafts, white aluminum oxide blast media while the latter is similar to the fuse block furnace in structure.

In addition to the requirement of reliable lining white aluminium oxide refractory, the lining should be fully dried, otherwise the residual moisture in the package will expand violently when encountering high temperature melt, which will cause explosion. The lining of the package is usually made of silicon carbide brick, 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media which has the characteristics of good heat resistance, high heat conductivity and easy to be damaged in the oxidizing atmosphere.(cheap black synthetic corundum suppliers in china)

If zirconium corundum brick lining or aluminum oxide abrasive powder spraying is used, It will be beneficial for the melt of corundum to cool down slowly and promote the growth of corundum crystal. Moreover, the thermal conductivity of zirconium corundum lining is low, and it will play a protective role for the shell of the package. When the 220 grit aluminum oxide pouring furnace receives the ladle out, the furnace steel will turn over and pour the high-temperature melt into the ladle.

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