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Cheap Blasting Grit Material Manufacturers Colombia

At present, the electrode distance (the vertical distance from the bottom of anode to the aluminum liquid surface) of the electrolytic cell is generally 4 ~ 5cm(arc fused alumina). The total reaction equation can be written as the following formula as alumina solvent, however, cryolite is the main electrolyte component(corundum abrasive). Usually, anode effect will interfere with normal electrolysis, resulting in very high cell voltage, even as high as 30 ~ 40V.

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In general, alumina is not only used as raw material for aluminum smelting, but also used as thermal insulation material(silicon carbide companies). The electrolyte is not consumed in the electrolysis process, but some losses are caused by evaporation, mainly CF (gas) and CGF (gas), hydrolysis and penetration into the inner surface of carbon inner materials(black oxide aluminum). Low alumina content may change the rigid pole process and lead to the Yang Lou effect.(cheap blasting grit material manufacturers colombia)

The electrolyte is not only the basic conductor from anode to cathode and the solvent of alumina(white fused alumina), but also the physical separator between the cathode for aluminum production and the anode for producing carbon dioxide gas. The common method is to reduce the anode or pigment dip aluminum solution and add alumina to restore the normal concentration of alumina in the electrolyte(white aluminum oxide 70 mesh). At least alumina is the raw material of hall ELU process.

(cheap blasting grit material manufacturers colombia)According to the stoichiometry in the formula(green carborundum), it needs 1.89g to produce 1kg aluminum, theoretically consumes 0.33kg carbon and generates 1.22kg carbon dioxide. The design of the old type electrolyzer is not scientific and needs a lot of alumina; the modern electrolyzer is equipped with a special automatic point feeder in the upper structure, the electric insulation layer is formed(white alumina powder), and the alumina is fed into the tank from the upper silo or hopper.

At present, 1-2kg alumina is continuously added into the silo with the volume of 2-5l approximately every minute(white aluminum oxide). If the amount of alumina is reduced, the rapid dissolution of alumina can be promoted. When the amount of alumina is too much, excessive insoluble precipitates will be formed and accumulated under the aluminum liquid layer(glass beads supplier). The total electrochemical reaction between dissolved alumina and carbon is liquid aluminum and gaseous carbon dioxide.(cheap blasting grit material manufacturers colombia)

However, using advanced alumina cutting technology(silicon carbide price), the effect of alumina solubility reduction is not as serious as before, because the alumina content in the electrolytic cell can be easily controlled. In this case, and the anode gas contains CO (gas) and chlorocarbon compounds, which are released into the environment and are harmful to the environment(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). The content of alumina in the electrolyte is generally kept in the range of 2% ~ 3%.

(cheap blasting grit material manufacturers colombia)Lead oxide forms a crust surface with the electric material(white corundum), which is covered on the electrolyte surface, so as to achieve the purpose of heat preservation for the electrolytic cell. Usually, the surface of the anode is also covered with a mixture of alumina and solid electrolyte(garnet abrasive price). As these greenhouse gases will cause global warming, we should put the Yang Lou effect out quickly and drive these gases away from the bottom of the anode.

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